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Whether they knew him for five minutes or for fifteen years, it seems that everyone who encountered Pief Panofsky has at least one story about him -- he was just that kind of unforgetable person. As a way of celebrating and remembering him, we'd like to collect any of your "Pief Stories" that you would like to share with us, be they funny, serious, casual, profound, or somewhere in-between.
From Peter Rowson
Following the first year of SLC operation with a polarized electron beam in 1992, our analysis team from the SLD experiment had made a more...

From Les Cottrell
I came to SLAC in 1967 fresh out of getting a PhD in Nuclear Physics at Manchester University England. At manchester the relationship with the more...

From Vernon Brechin
Around 1995 I met Pief briefly to ask him some questions about the past U.S. peaceful nuclear explosions program known as Project Plowshare. He provided me more...

From John R. Ashton
Pief was a gentleman and a scholar and I've said before, an egalitarian who treated people as equals. My first meeting with Pief was in his office in the 70' more...

Photo: Diana Rogers
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