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Stanford math students learn how to break down complex problems to the essentials and approach them from multiple angles.

The Stanford math department teaches students how to tackle—and solve—difficult problems. Students carry a problem out of the classroom and into their day, thinking about it in the library or their dorm rooms, scribbling on chalkboards and napkins as they work toward a solution.

That sort of rigorous problem solving doesn’t happen only in solitude. At Stanford, math students are part of an intellectual community that encompasses not only their peers and teachers but also an integrated network of scholars from top-ranked departments including physics and statistics.

The math curriculum offers theoretical and applied courses in almost every subject area within the field. The department attracts both budding mathematicians and students in other disciplines who want to learn how to assemble, understand, and analyze data.

The department also houses Stanford’s Math Research Center. Through fostering research, bringing internationally recognized mathematicians to campus, and sponsoring conferences and workshops, the center has made Stanford a premier location for math research worldwide.

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