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Stories About Old Chem

Old Chem
  • Josh WongJosh Wong
    Josh Wong, ’10, is determined to improve the health of underserved communities around the world. As a Human Biology student at Stanford, Wong’s self-designed concentration was on public health, global infectious diseases, and social justice. Wong says he wanted to… Read more
  • Martha CyertMartha Cyert
    For biologists like Martha Cyert, baker’s yeast is more than just an ingredient for freshly baked bread. Yeast cells not only share many characteristics with human cells but also are easier to work with in a lab, making them an… Read more
  • Christina CooleyChristina Cooley
    Graduate chemistry student Christina Cooley devotes her time to research in the field of drug delivery. At the Wender Lab, she works primarily on the development of molecular transporters, which attach to drugs that cannot enter a cell or do… Read more

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