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photo of palm tree and blue sky

Stanford began with an act of philanthropic generosity—a gift by Leland and Jane Stanford, in memory of their son, so that “the children of California shall be our children.” Coeducational, nondenominational and practical from the start, Stanford has maintained a strong emphasis on social innovation and environmental stewardship.

Stanford staff see themselves as caretakers of this legacy. Believing that bettering the world begins at home, the university has been recognized for sustainable practices and environmental responsibility—from commuting incentives that promote the use of public transportation to recycling, composting and other programs that divert more than half of its waste away from landfills.


Environmentally, it’s just sensational. It’s the largest campus in the world with over 8,000 acres. It’s just like an oasis amongst all this development and wall-to-wall buildings everywhere else around it.

Catherine Parrish

Grounds Leader