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Understanding Cancer at the Genetic Level

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
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Course Description

Genetic research has been instrumental in developing leading methods used to understand the nature and scope of cancer syndromes. With improved cancer diagnosis and targeted therapies for treatment, the discovery of changes in genes and their expression characteristics will continue to advance as a field.

Study the signaling pathways of common and rare genetic mutations involved in cancer. This course will expose you to the cutting-edge research that offers attractive development for new anti-cancer drugs and therapeutic strategies. From the differences between sporadic and familial cancers to systemic and targeted level treatment studies, you will learn the history of cancer and how it shaped society and research today.

You will learn

  • Current methods involved in cancer research
  • Differences between multiple classes of genetic mutations
  • Progressions of tumorigenesis in minor genome changes
  • Targeted therapies for the latest cancer treatments

Please note: This course is offered towards the Stanford Genetics and Genomics Certificate.*

Take online courses in genetics and genomics and gain a greater understanding of biology, human health and personalized medicine. Tap into the world-class research of Stanford faculty and industry experts to acquire the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the rapidly evolving genetics industry.

*This certificate neither substitutes for, nor leads to, being board certified as a genetic counselor (ABGC) or clinical geneticist (ABMG)