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October, 2015

October 25, 2015

KQED interviews Adrian Daub, Stanford associate professor of German studies, and Charles Kronengold, assistant professor of music, on their book The James Bond Songs: Pop Anthems of Late Capitalism.

October 25, 2015

Stanford undergraduates enrolled in the English course “Novel Writing Intensive” are about to write a novel in one month.

October 24, 2015

Stanford professor of art and art history Richard Meyer is quoted in The Washington Post on art experts' perceptions of the nature of photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe, whose exhibit in Cincinnati twenty-five years ago resulted in an obscenity trial.

October 22, 2015

Janice Ross, professor (teaching) of theater and performance studies, is quoted in The New York Times on her presentation "The Hidden Erotic Body of Soviet Ballet."

October 22, 2015

The Stanford Daily overviews Stanford’s undergraduate theater groups.

October 20, 2015

Stanford is alive with the sound of music, including a cappella groups recruiting new members. However, knowing which group is the right fit can be challenging.

October 17, 2015

The Economic Times quotes Anna Schultz, Stanford assistant professor of music, on assisting with a project to revive "kirtans," call-and-response chanting performed in India's bhakti devotional traditions.

October 16, 2015

Professor of English Elaine Treharne, who co-directs the digital humanities minor and directs the program’s text technologies cluster, indicated that profound student interest in the field was one of the main reasons for the minor’s creation.

October 15, 2015

The Chicago Tribune quotes Jamie Meltzer, Stanford associate professor of art and art history, on IFC's mockumentary TV series "Documentary Now!" (Requires a subscription to view the full story.)

October 14, 2015

Palo Alto Online quotes Mark Applebaum, associate professor of music and mentor to Audrey Proulx, graduate student in computer science and at the Graduate School of Business who says the course Computer Science 147: Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction Design is helping her design music-sharing app with her classmates.

October 14, 2015

Stanford Professor of American History and director of the Center for East Asian Studies Gordon Chang appeared on an episode of the radio talk show BackStory with the American History Guys to discuss “yellow peril” literature and the historical relationship between China and the United States.

October 12, 2015

Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Stanford professor of English, was interviewed about her new book, Writing America: Literary Landmarks From Walden Pond to Wounded Knee, which looks at the process of how places shape writers and their work.

October 6, 2015

Dezeen quotes Stanford's statement on the new McMurtry Building, which houses the Department of Art & Art History and marks the third addition to Stanford's arts district in the past three years.

October 5, 2015

The New Yorker quotes Marjorie Perloff, professor emerita of English and one of the most influential critics of experimental poetry, commenting on poet Kenneth Goldsmith.

October 5, 2015

The New York Times cites Penelope Eckert, Stanford professor of linguistics, on how indexicality, the way that forms of speech entail social meanings, is quite flexible, and includes a field of potential indexical meanings.