Matt Kanan named one of Chemistry’s Talented 12

Thursday, July 16, 2015
Chemical & Engineering News(C&EN) has recognized MATT KANAN, assistant professor of chemistry, as one of the most talented young chemists in the world. C&EN is a weekly magazine published by the American Chemical Society.

The magazine created its first-ever Talented 12 list, and recognized Kanan as one of the “path-paving young researchers and entrepreneurs who are using chemistry to solve global problems.”

The magazine’s editors credit Kanan with making “discoveries in three fields and counting: As a graduate student, he helped pioneer DNA-templated organic synthesis, a molecule-building technique that uses DNA strands to bring reactants together. As a postdoc, he discovered a game-changing catalyst for splitting water and generating hydrogen fuel. And now as a team leader, he’s finding ways of turning the greenhouse gas CO2 into useful materials.”

See the Stanford Report and the C&NE article for additional details about this high honor and information about the Kanan Lab.