Student Activities

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) consists of six at least graduate students and two staff members. The goals of the SAC include facilitating communication between chemistry graduate students and the department, offering seminar programs for the graduate students and chemistry community, and hosting social events throughout the year.

The student component of the SAC sponsors and oversees many student programs. These include the Student Hosted Colloquia, the Student Hosted Physical Chemistry Seminars, the Summer Student Seminar Series, Distinguished Women in Science seminars, the weekly graduate student social hour, summer BBQs for the department, ChemWipes, the Big Sib/Little Sib program, and quarterly social activities. These are briefly described below.

SAC student members serve on the committee for 18 months, starting in either August or February. All interested students may apply to serve on the SAC. New members are selected via a voting process by the graduate students.

The student members of the SAC can be reached at


SAC Members for 2014:

Students Alex Alfonso
Alex Antonoplis
Shyam Iyer
Tommy Li
Liz McLoughlin
Jared Nesvet
Matt Vanden Berg
Katharine Walker
Staff Siejen Yin-Stevenson
Roger Kuhn

SAC Programs

Student Hosted Colloquia: The departmental colloquia hosted by the graduate students. The Student Hosting Packet(2014) contains important information for student hosts.

Student Affairs Committee Guidelines: Disciplinary seminars hosted by the physical chemistry graduate students.

Distinguished Women in Science Seminars Guidelines: Departmental colloquia where outstanding female scientists are invited to visit the department to discuss both science and issues relating to women in science.

Summer Student Seminars: An informal seminar series for graduate students during the summer. Students present their research to the rest of the graduate student community in a friendly and collegial setting.

Social Hour: Wednesdays at 2:30PM, weekly during the academic year. Refreshments are provided by the SAC for the chemistry community.

ChemWipes: Produced by the incoming first year graduate class, ChemWipes is a show parodying the department, our faculty and chemists in general.

Big Sib/Little Sib: Incoming first year graduate students are matched up with older graduate students to help them adjust to life in the department.

Summer BBQs: Four BBQs for the entire department which take place throughout the summer, hosted by different research groups.