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Public Safety Officer

Department of Public Safety

At Stanford, anything is possible. That’s the culture and spirit that Israel Magallon has experienced in the four years he has worked at Stanford, first as a part-time special events patrol officer and now as a full-time public safety officer.

“Any areas you don’t feel comfortable with or feel you need some help with, the university will support your development to turn those weaknesses into strengths,” he says. “They provide you with any opportunity you feel you need in order to perform your daily duties successfully.”

That supportive environment, which includes mentoring by supervisors and peers, has inspired Israel to set his goals high. “I started at the bottom and what I want to do now is climb to become a deputy sheriff,” he says. “I feel like I can do that here because the tools and resources are available and the opportunity to grow here is just amazing.”

For Israel, Stanford not only his employer, it’s his community. He and his wife and two daughters live just a few miles from campus and frequently access the university’s swimming pool, recreation facilities and enjoy weekend barbecues on campus. “It’s not only the place where I work, it’s the place where we live,” he says. “If we had to go somewhere else, I think both my family and I would feel the difference because we’re just so happy here; we’re in paradise really.”