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Senior Director of Web Communications

University Communications

Staying engaged in his work at Stanford for nearly two decades has come naturally for Scott Stocker. That’s a direct result of the stimulating work he has been able to do in technology and communications, he says.

“Stanford is an incredibly dynamic university, and that has provided me a continuous stream of exciting projects to work on,” says Scott. “Stanford is also a place that rewards creativity and entrepreneurial initiative. During my career here, I have been able to propose and initiate a number of new projects. It’s very rewarding to see your ideas become reality and contribute to the success of the university.”

In the 19 years since first joining the university’s staff, Scott has advanced in his career, serving in various roles, including as a web developer, technology manager and currently as senior director of web communications. Numerous training programs have supported his growth, but Scott credits his success with strong interpersonal relationships.

“I have received valuable mentorship over the years from coworkers and technology professionals across the university,” he says. “Stanford has an amazingly collaborative community that provides tremendous support for acquiring new skills and knowledge.”

What’s more, the resources and benefits available to employees are second to none, says Scott, a Stanford alumnus. “Stanford’s generous retirement and healthcare benefits, as well as access to wonderful campus facilities, have certainly played an important role in making Stanford a place where I’ve wanted to continue working.”