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Senior Director of Finance & Administration

Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning

From her very first day at Stanford as director of operations for the Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Research, Cindy Wilkinson sensed it was a unique place to work.  “I immediately felt welcomed and part of a much bigger thing,” she says. “Stanford has a culture of uncompromising excellence, while at the same time it offers a work environment that is healthy, friendly and supportive.”

With her manager’s support, Cindy has been able to take advantage of many professional development opportunities that have strengthened her leadership skills and helped her forge valuable relationships with her peers.  “Not long after I joined Stanford in 2011, my leadership nominated me for participation in Leadership@Stanford,” she says. “It was a fabulous opportunity to delve deeper into my leadership journey, learn new things that I could apply to my role at Stanford and develop deep and long-standing friendships with my colleagues.”

Cindy also enjoys the unmatched opportunities at Stanford for cultural, intellectual and personal enrichment--from the BeWell program, which offers an employee wellness incentive program, and low-and no-cost wellness and fitness classes, to the beautiful and diverse artwork “in every corner of the campus.”

And you never know when you’ll have a chance to cross paths with some of the world’s greatest thought leaders, inventors and researchers, says Cindy.  “One day, as I strolled through the courtyard behind Memorial Church, a fellow wanderer struck up a conversation. I later found out he was one of Stanford’s Nobel laureates. I can think of no other place where the atmosphere literally creates opportunities for building intellectual community.”