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Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Administration

School of Humanities and Sciences

In his role as senior associate dean for finance and administration in Stanford’s School of Humanities and Sciences, Adam Daniel enjoys overseeing a broad spectrum of areas including IT, HR, finance, capital construction, research administration, and more. 

Adam says he loves the variety of his job and, in fact, thrives on it. “My role is the extreme version of a generalist,” he says. “I have to know a little bit about a great many things. No day is ever the same as the last and there are always new and exciting challenges around the corner.”

Adam credits the support of “many people and many resources” for helping make his six years at Stanford a successful and rewarding experience.  “I’ve learned a great deal from my colleagues,” he says. “Informal coaching and mentoring from peers, leaders and members of my own team have been invaluable.”

Stanford’s professional development offerings have also presented Adam with opportunities to connect with and learn from peers. “The strong leadership programs at Stanford are extremely helpful and what I’ve learned from the other participants in those programs has been invaluable to me.”

 “Although Stanford is a large research university, it’s also a surprisingly tight community and the opportunities for support and collaboration abound.”