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HR Finance Analyst & Tuition Grant Program Administrator

University Human Resources

Throughout her 30-year career at Stanford, Esti Hall has been recognized for her work through opportunities to serve in new roles and groups within the field of human resources. The diversity of work and career growth opportunities have been important to Esti, who currently works as an administrative associate and finance assistant.

“I enjoy the people I work with, including the faculty and staff I support each and every day, and I love the customer service aspect of my job,” says Esti.

To keep her skills sharp and advance in her career, Esti has taken advantage of courses offered on campus, including computer and financial systems classes. “My department has always encouraged me to continue my learning,” she says. “They have been very flexible with giving me time off to take classes and enhance my knowledge.”

In addition to training and development courses, Esti values the health and wellness programs, cultural events, lectures and seminars, and athletic competitions. She also appreciates the medical benefits, focus on work-life balance, and the Tuition Grant Program, which will soon provide her up to $20,625 per year to send her son to college. “Stanford has been a great place for me to work,” she says.