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Managing Director of Ginzton Laboratory, Dean of Research

Dean of Research

Great mentoring. Cardinal Curriculum classes. Workshops. Conferences. Research administration meetings. On-the-job extended projects and one-on-one training sessions with coworker specialists. Leadership group management sessions. For Miguel Hernandez, all of these types of training have contributed to career growth at Stanford.

Over the past eight years, Miguel has advanced from accountant positions to the job of finance and research administrator, manager, and—most recently— associate director. “The work is vast and comprehensive,” he says. “From proposals, grant management and operations management, to working with faculty, students, visiting scholars and sponsoring agencies, every day is different and brings new challenges.”

“There’s never a dull moment,” he adds. “The constant deadlines keep me on my toes and keep things exciting.”

For Miguel, what makes Stanford a standout workplace are intangible characteristics that are difficult at best to measure. “The culture and environment at Stanford are second to none. Working alongside the greatest minds in the world at one of the most beautiful campuses is a privilege.”