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Senior Associate Dean for Administration

School of Engineering

After 21 years in the U.S. Navy, Scott Calvert launched a second career at Stanford as director of finance and administration in the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.

During Scott’s four years at Stanford, support from his leaders has allowed him to engage in a variety of university projects and programs that have broadened his expertise and helped him prepare for career growth opportunities. He recently moved into the role of senior associate dean for administration in Stanford’s School of Engineering.  

“Both provosts I’ve worked for during my time at Stanford have been very supportive of me taking on additional responsibilities and participating in university-wide projects. I was also nominated for and got to participate in the year-long Stanford Leadership Academy,” says Scott. “This support helped me gain enough Stanford-specific experience to move into a large organization like the School of Engineering.”

Scott oversees a wide range of functional areas in his job, from IT to facilities to research administration. He says the variety makes his work interesting and challenging, and “every day is different.”  He’s proud to support the school’s faculty in the important work they do. “Our faculty are doing ground-breaking research and I get to help them make that happen.”

Outside of work, Scott is an avid cyclist and he’s a regular bike commuter. He loves that the university supports employees in their use of commute alternatives. “Stanford is amazingly bike friendly and I ride my bike to work most days of the year. When the weather’s bad I ride Caltrain for free with my Stanford transit pass,” he says. “It seems like a small thing but it’s still something I really appreciate about Stanford.”