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Print, copy, scan

Users have the option to print, copy, and scan at all library locations. Stanford has recently implemented a new cloud based printing system, which allows users to access their print requests from any machine within the libraries and student computing areas across campus. Printing requires users have funds available on their Stanford ID or Stanford Printing Card.

Paying for prints & copies

Methods of payment

Printing in the Libraries now requires the use of your Stanford ID card or a Stanford Printing card. Printing cards are available at the circulation/loan desks at any Stanford Libraries location. Users will need to add funds to their cards using a debit or credit card prior to printing.

  • Stanford students: if you are enrolled in the StanfordCardPlan, you may use your plan dollars for printing and copying. You can also add print/copy credits to your Stanford ID card to pay for printing and copying. Visit the Stanford Print/Copy Credits page to add funds to your Stanford ID card.
  • Faculty, staff, and other Stanford ID card holders: add funds to your Stanford ID by visiting the Stanford Print/Copy Credits page
  • No Stanford ID: obtain a Stanford Printing Card from the circulation/load desk and go to the Stanford Print/Copy Credits page to add funds to the card. A one-time $5 card fee will be added to new Printing Card during the first transaction.

NOTE: As of August 17, 2015, cash will no longer be accepted for printing and copying.


No refunds for any balance on your card. A balance on your Stanford card can be used to purchase other items from the Card Plan at Tresidder Memorial Union, various residence dining halls, and vending machines.