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Technical questions:

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  1. I forgot my User Name and/or Password, what do I do?

    From the Stanford Careers Job Search page, select My Account Settings or click the Apply button. You will be directed to the login page. From there, select Forget your user name and/ or Forgot your password and follow the directions provided.

  2. I attempted to submit my application through the Stanford Careers Website, but the webpage indicated that there was an error. What should I do now?

    Our system supports the following web browsers:

    1. Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 and above (Please also make sure Compatibility Mode is unchecked from the Tools menu in Internet Explorer)
    2. Firefox 7 or higher
    3. Apple Safari
  3. I am trying to submit my application, but am experiencing technical difficulties with the Voluntary Self-Identification page. What do I do?

    The current recommendation is to:

    1. Clear your browser cache and cookies and then restart your browser.
    2. Complete your application in a supported browser (Mac - Safari or Firefox; PC - Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome)
    3. Confirm you have the most recent versions of the following applications:

    If the recommendations, above, does not resolve the issue, please use another computer that has been updated to the conditions listed to complete your online application.

  4. I’m using Chrome. Is this a supported browser?

    Chrome is not a supported browser. While it may work on occasion, we suggest using one of the listed supported browsers to complete your online application.

  5. What type of file should I use when uploading my resume?

    When uploading a resume, Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) formats present well to the hiring teams. Scanned resumes and other formats are not readable by our systems.

  6. Why isn't information from the resume that I uploaded going into the correct application fields, such as work experience, qualifications, and education?

    Resumes must be in a text format (i.e. Microsoft Word or PDF files) rather than an object format (i.e. scanned document) for proper parsing of the information.

  7. I can’t find the internal jobs website. Where did it go?

    The internal jobs website has been discontinued. All available staff positions at Stanford University are posted on the Stanford Careers Website.

How to Apply

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Stanford employs more than 10,000 staff who support our mission in a vast array of significant ways. The university recruits talent year-round and annually fills more than 1,000 staff positions, mostly full-time.

Search by job field, job location, keyword search or requisition number. Use the "Add" and "Remove" buttons to select and de-select multiple items.

A resume is required and can be uploaded or manually developed in our online application system. Acceptable formats for uploading a resume are Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) files. Scanned resumes and other formats are not acceptable and will not be read by our system.

Cover letters are recommended. However, they are not required. To include a cover letter, you must upload a Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) file at the attachment step of the application.

Our online application is the final step in the process. New users can create an account when applying for a position by selecting "Apply Online" from the job posting and then selecting "Register as a New User". The application requires that you provide contact information, salary requirements and work eligibility information, and requests demographic/race/ethnicity information.

Once you've submitted an online application, you will immediately receive an automated email confirming receipt of your application. If you do not receive an email notification, please check your spam folder or log-into your account to review your job submission.
A hiring manager will have access to your application materials immediately. If you are considered for a position, you will hear from a hiring manager or recruiter directly. Otherwise, you may not hear from us.

Our system does not allow for you to track the progress of your application or your candidacy for a position. If you have the need to modify your original application, you may login to modify the submission if the job posting is still active.

If you are a finalist for a position, you may be subject to pre-employment screening and a background check. For candidates hired to work on certain federal contracts, employment is contingent upon supplying documentation.

Viewing Recommendations

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Below are some viewing recommendations which may be helpful in your job-search experience:

Recommended Browsers
Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Firefox 19 or higher, or Apple Safari

When viewing in Internet Explorer, please make sure "Compatibility Mode" is unchecked in the Tools menu.


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General information:

  1. How may I submit my resume?

    Once you have identified a position, which matches your qualifications please apply online at https://stanfordcareers.stanford.edu/job-search for staff positions at Stanford University.

  2. What if I do not have a resume?

    If you do not have a resume, you have the option of manually developing a resume online.

  3. I don’t have a computer. May I mail my resume to you?

    We can only consider applications submitted online. We cannot accept applications via email or postal mail. You may consider using computers at your local library.

  4. Can I include a cover letter with my resume and should I address it to someone?

    Yes, you may include a cover letter. Cover letters are not required, but recommended. Please paste your cover letter in the appropriate box. It’s not necessary to address a cover letter to a specific person.

  5. May I submit my resume without specifying interest in a particular position or job requisition number?

    No, we accept resumes only for specific positions.

  6. May I apply for more than one position at a time?

    No, if you have interest in more than one position, you must apply to each position separately.

  7. If a job was posted a few months ago and is still posted on the jobs website, is it really still open?

    Yes, we update the job postings frequently. If a job is listed on our website, it is considered open. Please be aware some jobs take longer to fill than others and may remain open for longer periods of time. The recruitment and selection process at Stanford may take up to six months.

  8. How can I find out the salary range for a posted position?

    Salary ranges are not listed. Years of experience, internal equity, and external market data are considered when determining starting salaries.

  9. I started an application but was unable to finish it. Now I do not see the position online. Can I complete my application?

    If the position is no longer posted on our Stanford Careers Website, you are unable to complete your application. Please continue to review our careers website for opportunities of interest.

After submitting a resume & cover letter:

  1. How do I know you received my online application?

    Once you have submitted a resume and/or cover letter, an automatic message appears thanking you for your submission. Also, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive an email confirmation please check your spam and junk folders.

  2. What happens to my resume once I submit it through the Stanford Careers Website?

    Your material will be reviewed. If the hiring manager feels there is a match between your skill set and the required qualifications, you will be contacted. We receive resumes from many qualified applicants and unfortunately we are not always able to provide information on the status of an application.

  3. When applying to positions, who sees my application?

    Your application is only made available to the specific manager who is hiring for the position opening. If you apply to multiple positions, each hiring manager will only see your application for their specific position and not all of the positions you applied to.

  4. When will I hear from someone at Stanford University?

    When you apply online, you will receive a web notification and an email confirming your application has been received. Please understand the recruitment process takes time. You will be contacted if your experience closely meets the required qualifications of the position.

Types of opportunities:

  1. Are non-U.S. citizens eligible for employment at Stanford University?

    Generally speaking, Stanford does not sponsor non-U.S. citizens for employment. However, it is up to the hiring department for each position to make the decision with regard to sponsorship.

  2. Where can I locate information about student employment?

    Please visit the Career Development Center website for information in regards to student employment.

  3. Where do I go if I am interested in a faculty or teaching position?

    Please visit the faculty openings website to view open faculty positions at Stanford University.

  4. What types of jobs are listed on the Stanford Careers Website?

    All current Stanford University regular staff openings are posted on this website. These may be full-time, part-time, fixed-term or temporary assignment positions. The job description for each position will state this information.

What else should I know?

  1. What is a fixed-term position?

    A fixed-term position meets the definition of regular staff employees and appointed for a fixed duration with a specified ending date. Fixed-term employees are subject to University policies applicable to regular staff except as those policies may be modified by the specific terms of their fixed-term offer letters or other written employment contracts or agreements.

  2. How many job applicants apply to Stanford University each year?

    Stanford received approximately 145,000 applications for open staff positions during the 2012 fiscal year.

  3. Where can I find the contact information for the hiring manager?

    For a variety of reasons, including privacy protection, we are not able to provide the contact information for hiring managers. However, you are welcome to view the specific school, area or department websites to learn more about jobs that interest you.

  4. Is there someone I can call to follow up in regards to my application?

    Please note once you apply through the Stanford Careers Website your resume is forwarded to the hiring department for review. If there is a match between your skill set and their current needs, the hiring department or recruiter will contact you.

  5. Still have questions?

    If you have additional questions, please contact us.


  1. I received an email asking me to complete an online assessment. What is this for?

    The assessment is being administered as part of your Stanford University application process.

  2. The email from the skills-based test says that I am going to complete a Word, PowerPoint and Excel assessment; however I only see one link. Where are the other links?

    If you are asked to complete multiple assessments, they are all accessed via one link.

  3. Can I take the assessment on a Mac?

    Yes, the online assessments can be completed on a Mac.

  4. What if I am having technical issues when completing the assessment?

    First, we recommend reviewing the email and following the prompts to ensure the correct settings are installed on your computer. If you make those changes and you are still having technical difficulties, please contact Stanford Staffing Services at staffingservices@stanford.edu.

  5. Can I skip questions on the assessments and go back to them later?

    No, you cannot skip questions and go back and complete them at the end of the assessment. If you skip a question it will be marked as incomplete and you will not receive credit for that question.

  6. How long are my assessment results valid?

    Assessment results are valid for 6 months.

  7. Can I take the assessment on a mobile device?

    No, the assessments cannot be completed on a mobile device.