Cardinal Green Office Program

Through everyday actions, occupants of campus buildings directly impact Stanford's sustainability and bottom line. The Cardinal Green Office Program utilizes a building evaluation process to recommend simple steps occupants can take to reduce their environmental footprint, and offers support in implementing those changes. Through the program, individual actions have saved up to 20 percent on electricity bills in some campus buildings. The program includes an audit of your building, tailored recommendations, and access to an online resource center. Office of Sustainability, in collaboration with the Woods Institute, various units in Sustainability and Energy Management, and Zones Management, launched the Cardinal Green Office Program as a platform for Stanford's Schools and Departments to educate occupants and implement sustainability practices at the building level; this past year, more than 30 buildings enrolled in the program. Contact Office of Sustainability (OOS) to express your interest in enrolling your building or floor in the Cardinal Green Office Program.

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Program Components

After enrolling in the program, you will go through the following steps to increase efficiency in your building or floor.

1. Schedule an audit of your building or floor: OOS will work with you to visit your office space and audit for potential energy saving opportunities, such as equipment timers or smart strips. Auditors will also look for opportunities to improve recycling, composting, and water efficiency.”

2. Implement and maintain recommended changes: After going through the audit process, OOS will provide the necessary tools and resources to implement changes in your space, and may be able to offer financial support through rebates. However, you will need to engage all the occupants of your building or floor to make sure they are utilized and maintained properly. The Cardinal Green Office Program Resource Library is available to all who enroll in the program and offers signs and materials to help educate your office. Additionally, as part of the Cardinal Green Buildings campaign, OOS offers the Sustainable Office Space training that can also serve to educate and engage individual occupants. 

3. Continue to improve: If you have already gone through the program, OOS would be happy to revisit your building to ensure optimal setup and identify any new savings opportunities.


Savings will vary from building to building, but some have realized a 20 percent decrease in monthly electricity usage. Nearly 100 buildings have gone through the Cardinal Green Office Program for a total energy reduction of more than 160,000 kWh, or $32,000 annually.