Sustainability at Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries

Sustainable R&DE

In support of the university’s educational mission and commitment to environmental sustainability, R&DE Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries seeks to reduce environmental impact, preserve resources, and show sustainability in action. Students are the reason we are here, and our agenda of sustainability and culture of excellence at Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries is driven by a student culture steeped in environmental awareness and innovation.


Stanford Catering at The University Sustainability Festival

Sustainability at Stanford Catering

Stanford Catering is dedicated to providing local, organic, plant-forward and seasonal menu options for its clients. To support this, we have developed close relationships with many independent and local suppliers of organic and other sustainable products. We also provide compostable materials for catering events.

Sustainability at our Cafés

We strive to purchase and highlight sustainable ingredients in our cafés. Our newest café, the Forbes Family Café was born out of Stanford’s culture of innovation and commitment to sustainability, to meet the needs and desires of our students. The novel concept of the flexitarian café – appealing to vegans, vegetarians and diners simply interested in reducing their meat consumption – promotes healthy and sustainable eating at Stanford. Vendors follow sustainable farming practices with much  of our seasonal offerings locally-sourced. Additionally, we provide reusable dishware when possible, and compostables when not.

Delicious salad
The Market at Munger

Sustainability at The Market at Munger

Munger Market features local and sustainable ingredients, including organic produce, Fair Trade chocolates, organic and bulk items, and more to cater to our students’ needs. We also have a free cookbook exchange, allowing students to borrow cookbooks instead of buying them.

Sustainability at the Stanford Guest House

Staying at the Stanford Guest House allows you to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by taking the zero-emissions electric Marguerite shuttle to campus.

Stanford Guest House