The Lynn Krywick Gibbons Gallery

The Lynn Krywick Gibbons Gallery is available for small, focused exhibitions based primarily upon the Center's collection. Faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students are invited to submit exhibition proposals for the Gibbons Gallery. Exhibitions are implemented in collaboration with the Center's professional staff. A member of the Center's curatorial staff must serve as a liaison between the guest curator(s) and the Center; a faculty sponsor is also required for graduate and undergraduate guest curators. Preliminary inquiries should be made at least 12-18 months prior to a desired exhibition time.

Submitting a Proposal
Students and/or faculty who wish to organize an exhibition are invited to submit a written proposal. Proposals should:

  • Identify participant(s) and faculty sponsor(s)
  • Summarize thesis
  • Indicate typical objects

Proposals should include no more than three double-spaced text pages and up to six sample images—legible photocopies are acceptable.  Address proposals to:

Exhibitions Coordinator
Cantor Arts Center
Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-5060