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Hands-on Introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language)

November 11, 2015
Branner Earth Sciences Library Teaching Corner

No sign up is required, but space and computers are limited to approximately 20 participants.

Data Management Services

Do you need to ask complicated questions of your data? Do you need sophistication and a spreadsheet just won't do? Then a relational database may be for you! Join us for a hands-on, interactive introduction to SQL, the language for querying structured data.


  • importing content into a SQLite database (DB)
  • info on relational DBs, DB management systems, and DB design
  • basic queries, including unique values and calculations
  • filtering
  • building complex queries
  • sorting
  • nulls
  • order of execution
  • aggregating
  • joining
  • set operators

Computers with all the necessary software will be provided for 20 students. If you would like to use your own computer you MUST have the FIREFOX browser already installed before coming to the workshop. (I know, I know - I use Chrome too, but the plug-in we will be using only works on Firefox.)