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Aircraft Materials and Avionics

Last Updated: 3-Oct-2014

Online research information on the physical properties of the materials used in aircraft and aerospace. Online technical information on aircraft avioncs, aircraft in serivce and aircraft underdevelopment.

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Material property information

These sources provide interactive tools to discover the mechanical, thermophysical, electrical properties of alloys, composites, ceramics adhesives and others

West Lafayette, IN : CINDAS LLC
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The Aerospace Structrual Metals Database (ASMD) was developed by CINDAS LLC and is provided through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the United States Air Force. The database contains approximately 85,000 data curves on over 200 alloys used in the aerospace and other industries. This is the new web version of Aerospace Structural Metals Handbook (ASMH)
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The Thermophysical Properties of Matter Database (TPMD), contains thermophysical properties of over 5,000 materials with approximately 50,000 data curves. This database is searchable by material, by property, or by partial string (name). For all data curves, the material composition, experimental conditions, raw or smoothed data, and references are given. Dynamic graphing capabilities allow users to compare the same property of multiple materials, change scale ranges, and export and import data.