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Related Offices

The Office of Public Affairs encompasses the following Stanford units:

Office of Government and Community Relations

The Office of Government and Community Relations coordinates and facilitates Stanford's interactions with local, state and federal government, as well as its relationship with neighboring communities. The office is in regular contact with officials at all levels of government on a wide variety of issues that are important to the university, from land use policies to funding for the basic sciences.

Office of University Communications

University Communications provides information about the university's policies, actions, activities and achievements. The staff serve as spokespeople for the university, the president, and the provost; help coordinate the university's many public and media relations efforts; advise individuals and departments on a wide range of media and public relations concerns; create the university's main web pages; provide broadcast, television and video production services; produce many of the university's central publications; offer services for parents; and oversee procedures and guidelines for use of the Stanford name, and for videotaping, filming or photography involving Stanford.

Office of Special Events and Protocol (OSEP)

Stanford Events is responsible for the oversight, execution, and policy setting of all major University public ceremonies and non-academic events. It also includes the Stanford Ticket Office, which offers ticketing services to the public for campus events and a number of local community organizations.