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H&S Administration

Office of the Dean
Building 1, Main Quad
450 Serra Mall
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-2070

For general inquiries, please contact:
Tel. 650.723.2275
Fax 650.723.3235

Building 1 hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday–Friday

Senior Administration

Richard Saller, Vernon R. & Lysbeth Warren Anderson Dean School of Humanities & Sciences and Kleinheinz Family Professor of European Studies
Debby Angus, Executive Secretary to the Dean
Tel: 650.723.9784

Ralph Cohen, Senior Associate Dean for the Natural Sciences and Barbara Kimball Browning Professor of Mathematics
Kristi Geerke, Staff Associate, Natural Sciences
Tel: 650.723.7248

Ellen Markman, Senior Associate Dean for the Social Sciences and Lewis M. Terman Professor of Psychology
Sohaila Tofig, Staff Associate, Social Sciences
Tel: 650.724.8928

Debra Satz, Senior Associate Dean for the Humanities & Arts and Marta Sutton Weeks Professor of Ethics in Society
Sue Martin, Staff Associate, Humanities & Arts
Tel: 650.723.7010

Char Armitage, Staff Assistant
Tel: 650.736.2133

Adam Daniel, Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Administration
Janeen Giusti, Assistant to Senior Associate Dean and Office Manager
Tel: 650.724.0062

Office of External Relations

Kathleen Quinn, Associate Dean of External Relations, Assistant Vice President of Development
Tel. 650.725.5468
Fax 650.725.4365
As Assistant Vice President for the Office of Development, Kathleen serves as a member of the senior leadership team for the Office of Development with oversight of the university regional major gifts program, the parents’ program, the arts development team and Cantor Art Center.

As Associate Dean for the School of Humanities and Sciences, Kathleen leads the External Relations Team.  In service of the priorities established by the H&S Dean’s Office, the ERT works with the Dean, faculty and students to build lifelong relationships with our alumni, parents, faculty and friends which will lead to useful, long-term support for the School of Humanities & Sciences. 

Angela Drury, Director of Communications
Tel. 650.721.5711
Fax 650.723.3235
The H&S Communications team focuses on crafting communications related to the dean’s key priorities. As Director of Communications, I lead the development and implementation of communication materials that include video, web, case statements, donor proposals, and annual appeals.

Facilities and Capital Planning

Julie Hardin-Stauter, Director, Facilities and Capital Planning
Tel. 650.723.0065
The Facilities and Capital Planning group is responsible for the H&S Capital Program, Capital Planning and the Health and Safety program.  This includes faculty new hire renovations, new capital construction projects, and space planning within the School of Humanities & Sciences.

Faculty Affairs

Tina Kass, Associate Dean
Tel. 650.736.7603
Tina manages the HSDO Faculty Affairs group, which is responsible for faculty affairs and general support of the H & S cluster deans. The group include manages all Academic Council faculty appointment and promotion processes, all Academic Staff­Teaching and Other Teaching appointments, and Academic Council faculty sabbaticals and leaves.  Staff Associates to each dean maintain records of all senior associate dean decisions and provide support in areas of faculty recruitment and retention, in addition to academic department oversight.


Jim Henry, Director, Finance
Tel. 650.725.5824
The Dean’s Office Finance team provides strategic decision support to H&S leadership through financial analysis & management, reporting, and strategic planning.  The team supports departments and programs through the annual accounting cycle and also works closely with central university offices on financial matters.

Graduate and Undergraduate Studies

For general inquiries, please contact:
Tel. 650.736.9805
Fax 650.723.3235

Susan Weersing, Associate Dean for Graduate and Undergraduate Studies
Tel. 650.723.1205
Graduate and Undergraduate Studies website
The Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies provides services and resources to faculty, staff, and students and partners at the University level with the goals of: 1) Educating and supporting the academic community, 2) Promoting consistency and best practices in departments and programs, 3) Ensuring curricular review and compliance with accreditation, and 4) Increasing graduate diversity.

Prospective students interested in undergraduate studies should contact:
Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Prospective students interested in graduate studies in the School of Humanities & Sciences should contact:

Information Technology

Jonathan Pilat, Director, Information Technology
Tel. 650.736.1934
Jonathan leads the IT team within the H&S Dean’s Office, representing the interests of H&S while participating in projects and committees within the University. He identifies technology trends and opportunities, setting tactical and strategic goals and planning for the implementation of IT initiatives in the School. As an advocate for H&S departments and programs, Jonathan provides a communication conduit that bridges the gap between technology and other functions in the H&S Dean’s Office.

Planning and Research

Ellie Fischbacher Maldonado, Director of Planning and Research Administration
Tel. 650.725.4344
Ellie is responsible for managing an effective planning process for the School of Humanities & Sciences; maintaining information resources in support of the school’s research and educational mission and its administrative operations; enhancing research operations; and serving as the primary advocate for departments and programs in support of administrative processes and systems implementations.

Faculty interested in submitting a grant should reference:
Sponsored Research Proposal Development

Human Resources

Cory Geisler, Director, Human Resources
Tel. 650.723.0722
Human Resources website