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Innovations and Pilots aims to accelerate basic medical discoveries into solutions that enhance patient care and health through their unique mentorship and training programs.

The Stanford Biodesign and SPARK credo is that medical innovation can be taught, and all design teams learn a systematic approach to needs finding, invention and implementation. Before Biodesign fellows start prototyping or testing, they spend three months on clinical observation, asking questions, identifying needs, analyzing markets and brainstorming concepts. Along the way, students learn about managing intellectual property, the regulatory process and medical reimbursements, applying this knowledge to their specific projects.

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A novel drug and diagnostics discovery program that offers innovators grants, lab access, and mentors in the areas of trial design, regulatory approvals, and intellectual property law.



A biomedical technology training program that assembles teams of medical, engineering, law, and business school students to develop solutions to unmet medical needs.


Innovations & Pilots

Spectrum provides funding for pilot projects in several areas: MedTech, Biopharma and Community Engagement.

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