Block "S": Usage Guidelines

Minimum Size

  • Min Size

    .375 inch
    (not to scale)

Block "S" symbols should always be reproduced at a size where they are clearly legible in the medium used. 3/8 inch is the minimum size for high-resolution printed materials. The Block "S" may need to be rendered larger than this minimum size when reproduced via low-resolution media in order to retain design integrity.

Free Space

  • Min Size

    .375 inch
    (not to scale)

The minimum clear space area ensures that no other elements infringe upon the Stanford emblems, allowing them to be easily seen and to be quickly recognized. Clear space standards apply to all versions of the Block "S." Whenever possible, allow more than this minimum clear space area to surround a Block "S." With the exception of trademark designations, do not place other graphics or typography in the minimum clear space area.


Free Space
Block "S" with Tree, Two-colors

For the Stanford Block "S" with Tree, the preferred presentation is in two colors: Cardinal and green. The line around the tree and the line within the outside edge of the letter "S" are always shown in white.

Block S with Tree, Cardinal
Block S with Tree, Black
Block "S" with Tree, One color

The Block "S" with Tree in Cardinal or black may be used when the preferred two-color version is not possible or appropriate. The background field of the tree should be white. The Block "S" with Tree may be rendered in gold or silver foil stamping when printing on the highest quality communications.

Block S with Tree, Reversed
Block S with Tree, Reversed Black

The one-color Block "S" with tree may also be depicted in white when placed on a black or Cardinal background. The background field of the tree and outline of the "S" should match the color of the paper stock.

Background Colors 1
Background Colors 2
Background Colors

The Block "S" symbols are most effective when placed on white, off-white, neutral, or very light-colored backgrounds. There is a special version of the Block "S" with Tree artwork for use on dark backgrounds with insufficient contrast. The artwork incorporates an additional white rule around the exterior edge of the Block "S" to separate it from the colored background.

Incorrect Applications

The Block "S" symbols should not be altered in any way, such as by extending or condensing the emblem, outlining or adding borders, adding drop shadows or other special effects, or extracting the tree as a stand-alone symbol. Here are a few examples of incorrect usage and alterations of the Block "S". Please avoid these and all other changes.

Do not substitute colors.

Do not reverse the colors.

Do not distort the artwork.
Do not remove the outline rule.

Do not tilt the Block "S" - always place it in an upright position.

Do not place the standard Block "S" artwork on a dark background. (See special version above)

Do not substitute any other red for Cardinal.

Do not alter the Block "S" symbol with any other artwork.

Do not use the Block "S" to replace the letter 'S' in a word.

Do not extract the tree as a stand-alone symbol.