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English major with a Creative Writing emphasis

Visit https://english.stanford.edu/degree-programs/undergraduate/major for information about the major in English with a Creative Writing emphasis.

The Minor

  • The creative writing minor is a six-course minor (30 units)
  • Students must select either the prose or poetry track.
  • To declare a creative writing minor, visit the Student page on Axess.
  • To expedite your declaration, make sure to list all 6 courses you plan to take for your minor, even if they don’t fit into the correct category (courses already taken/courses you intend to take).
  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  • Courses taken abroad or at other institutions may not be counted towards the minor.
Prose Track Poetry Track
Suggested Order:

  1. English 90 (Fiction Writing) or 91 (Creative Nonfiction)
  2. English 146 (Development of the Short Story)
  3. One course in pre-1800 English literature, e.g., English 10A (Introduction to English I)
  4. English 190 (Intermediate Fiction Writing) or 191 (Intermediate Creative Nonfiction Writing)
  5. English 92 (Reading and Writing Poetry)
  6. Another English 190, 191, or 290 (Advanced Fiction), or 198L
Suggested Order:

  1. English 92 (Reading and Writing Poetry)
  2. English 160 (Poetry and Poetics)
  3. One course in pre-1800 English literature, e.g., English 10A (Introduction to English I)
  4. English 192 (Intermediate Poetry Writing)
  5. English 90 (Fiction Writing) or English 91 (Creative Nonfiction)
  6. Another English 192, or 292 (Advanced Poetry) or 198L (Levinthal Tutorial

Note: Any 190X course (190F, 190G, etc.), 191X course (191T, etc.), or 192X course (192V, etc.) counts toward the 190, 191, or 192 requirement.  Students who declared the minor before the 2013-14 year may use English 94 or a pre-1800 course.

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View a list of courses that fulfill the pre-1800 literature requirement HERE

  • Special courses include: Young Adult Fiction, Science Fiction, Stories on the Air (Radio Documentary), Fiction into Film, and The Stanford Graphic Novel Project.
  • See the full list of creative writing courses on the English website.


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