Special Event Security

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What are the initial steps to arrange for event security for your event?

  • Contact the Department of Public Safety, Office of Special Events no later than 10 days prior to your event
  • Complete the Security Services Request Form.
    • Fax or email a copy of this PDF form to the Event Security email above
    • This form must be received at the Department of Public Safety no later than 5 days prior to your event
    • Review the information below concerning the respective responsibilities of the Sponsoring Organization staff and those of the Public Safety personnel.
    • For some events, it may be necessary to arrange to meet in person with the Office of Special Events staff to discuss specific security arrangements for your event. Additionally, a venue walk-through may also be advisable.
  • For student groups planning on campus parties:
    • Be sure to have your party registered with the Office of Student Activities prior to contacting Public Safety regarding security arrangements.
    • Payment arrangements must be made in advance:
    • If you represent a student group planning to use an ASSU account for payment for the security services, your ASSU purchase order must be received at the Department of Public Safety no later than 3 days prior to the event.
    • For student groups without access to the ASSU system, a prepaid check for the amount of the security cost estimate must be received at the Department of Public Safety no later than 3 days prior to the event.
    • For University departments who will be paying with an interdepartmental journal transfer, the applicable PTA information must be provided on the Security Services Request Form.
      • Please note: outside University groups MUST have a Stanford University sponsor for their event. The University sponsor must provide PTA information as a guarantee of payment for any security services that are necessary.
    • Please NOTE: cancellation of security service arrangements with less than 1 regular work day notice will result in a cancellation fee of $100 or 10% of the security services cost estimate, whichever is less.
  • If you are requesting assistance with parking arrangements for your event, contact the Parking and Transportation Services department to coordinate your event parking needs
  • For individuals or groups planning a campus race/walk, please contact the Stanford Events office to obtain an application for campus runs, races and walks.
  • For requesting StEMS (a student group of certified EMT-Basics) to provide standby medical support for your Stanford campus event free of charge to students, faculty, and community, please visit the StEMS website: http://stems.stanford.edu. StEMS works with the Department of Public Safety and Vaden Health Center to provide high quality emergency care on campus.

SUDPS Special Events Patrol Officer responsibilities/expectations:

  • SEPs will meet with the SUDPS patrol Watch Commander or Shift Coordinator for assignment briefing.
  • SEPs will check-in with the Event Organizer/Contact & meet on site staff upon arrival at the event.
  • SEPs and event staff should work together as a team. In general, event hosts/staff should be the first line of response. SEPs should be available to assist and back up the event staff who are dealing with guests at the entrance to the event as well as assist with situations inside the event as applicable.
  • SEPs will provide assistance in the following areas:
    • If magnetometers are being used, SEPs will monitor the students using the magnetometers to ensure proper use of the equipment. If the students are not familiar with the proper use of the magnetometers, the SEPs assigned to monitor the entrance will demonstrate proper use & correct/assist the students if needed.
    • SEPs will monitor event staff and volunteers who are checking Ids or inspecting bags and provide backup or assistance in the event that an unwanted prospective guest becomes difficult to handle.
  • SEPs are NOT expected to go hands on in a situation that requires physical intervention. In the event that a situation has become physically violent or where violence is imminent, the SEP is expected to contact sworn personnel on duty (either as part of the event or on duty assigned to patrol) for response to the situation.
  • SEPs will monitor crowd size in relationship to facility capacity & advise the event organizers when crowd size is near capacity. If the venue has reached capacity, SEPs are to provide uniformed backup and assistance to the event organizers & monitors in order to prevent additional people from entering. Due to fire code issues, the venue should not be allowed to exceed capacity.
  • SEPs will monitor guests for prohibited & illegal items and unacceptable or illegal behavior.
    • In the event that illegal items or unacceptable behavior are observed, SEPs should notify the on site event contact of the violations as soon as possible.
    • If the violation is minor, the event staff should make initial contact with the guest and ask them to cease their behavior. SEPs should accompany the event staff, if asked.
    • While the general expectation is that the event sponsors will manage their event, SEPs should be available to assist as a uniformed presence as needed. SEPs may also need to step in and take preemptive action as well. Rather than allow a minor situation to escalate out of hand, an SEP should not hesitate to contact a guest directly and ask them to cease unacceptable behavior.
    • If the violation is moderate or extreme, the SEP is expected to notify the patrol Watch Commander immediately. If there is significant or imminent risk of danger to people or property, the SEP should notify the WC immediately. The WC should also be notified if multiple minor violations of law are taking place.
  • SEPs should assist/notify the on site event staff regarding potential or anticipated problems and individuals. The SEPs should also notify the WC of the same information. After the event is over, the SEP will brief the Watch Commander regarding problems or suggestions for improvements.

Event Sponsor responsibilities/expectations:

  • On site event staff/contacts are expected to manage their own event; this includes being responsible for the event facility, lobby, and areas in the immediate vicinity around the event facility, including nearby parking areas in some cases.
  • For security requests during non-event hours (i.e., overnight equipment security, etc.), the event sponsor will provide contact information for use in the event of an emergency at the security site.
  • For student parties, party planners will provide adequate numbers of sober monitors and adhere to other requirements per the OSA party planning guidelines.
  • Event sponsors will provide cell phone contact information for at least three designated individuals who must be present at the beginning of the event to meet SEP staff upon arrival.
  • Where applicable, on-site event staff will be assigned to the entrance of the event and will be responsible for all entrance requirements of the particular event including but not limited to: checking for appropriate ID (SUID or college ID as applicable), bag inspections, applying wristbands when used.
  • If alcohol is being served, sober monitors will be provided or to serve alcohol according to University party planning guidelines.
  • Designated sponsor event staff will monitor the event guests and, when appropriate, will approach guests who are violating University or event policies. If the event staff person feels that assistance or backup from the uniformed SEP is necessary or desired, they will contact the nearest SEP for such assistance.
  • Event staff will monitor crowd size in relationship to facility capacity & advise the SEPs when crowd size is nearing capacity. If the venue has reached capacity, event staff are to assist the SEPs in preventing additional people from entering. Due to fire code issues, the venue should not be allowed to exceed capacity.
  • On-site event staff will cooperate with SUDPS personnel requests for assistance in the event that problems arise.
  • Event staff will take the initiative to clear the event when it is over, if applicable. SEPs will be available to assist with this effort.
  • Security Services Request Form