The Rowland K. Rebele Gallery

The Rowland K. Rebele Gallery hosts annually rotating installations--preferably conceived, generated, and maintained through the year by Stanford students/course groups -- and changes its display at the end of every winter quarter.

The Center seeks expressions of interest from Stanford faculty who would like to take up this invitation.

Criteria for Exhibitions in the Rowland K. Rebele Gallery

  • Durable, up for a full 12-month period
  • Generates interest for a full year (not tied to an event or project with a short shelf-life)
  • Encourages visitors to consider or study art objects on view at the Center in imaginative, possibly non-traditional ways           
  • Preferably interactive: engages museum visitors beyond passive looking/reading
  • Can (but need not) incorporate a programmed computer display or interactive
  • Compelling to all ages, but particularly to university students
  • The gallery measures 9 x 12 feet, with an open doorway and two windows (only one unbroken wall), is wired for electricity and Transmission System Operation (TSO) and Wi-Fi.
  • Students working on a project must be on campus the following year to take “ownership” in the installation's visibility and success

Submitting a Proposal
Students and/or faculty who wish to organize an exhibition are invited to submit a written proposal. Proposals should:

  • Identify participant(s) and faculty sponsor(s)
  • Summarize thesis
  • Indicate typical objects

Proposals should include no more than three double-spaced text pages and up to six sample images--legible photocopies are acceptable.  Address proposals to:

Sarah Miller, Exhibitions Coordinator
Cantor Arts Center
Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-5060