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FOR INDUSTRY - Industrial Affiliates Programs

Industrial Affiliates programs are designed to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to society and the dialogue between academia and industry.  Supported by corporate membership fees, these programs provide an avenue for industry to contribute to and sustain research and teaching in Stanford departments and programs of interest.


During FY 2013-14, 58 Affiliates Programs at Stanford brought in a total of $28.6 million.
Four new Industrial Affiliates Programs were created during the year.

ICME is the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering, led by Prof. Margot Gerritsen, (Department of Energy Resources Engineering). ICME supports collaboration with industry partners in areas such as algorithms and optimization, machine learning, data science, computational finance, geoscience, computational medicine and imaging.
The Secure Internet of Things, directed by Prof. Philip A. Levis (Department of Computer Science) is a cross-disciplinary research effort among computer science and electrical engineering faculty at Stanford, University of California, Berkeley and the University of Michigan, that is focused on analytics, security, and hardware and software systems.
SDSI is the Stanford Data Science Initiative, directed by Prof. Hector Garcia-Molina (Computer Science Department). SDSI focuses on core data technologies with ties to campus-wide application areas for methods research, infrastructure, and education.

The Stanford Digital Learning Forum is directed by Prof. John C. Mitchell (Department of Computer Science). The program is designed to bring together companies and faculty and students and staff throughout the University, who are involved in online learning initiatives.


Stanford has a wide range of active Affiliates Programs:

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The Industrial Contracts Office reviews and signs Industrial Affiliates agreements for programs that use member agreements. For more information, please visit the Industrial Affiliates Program website.