Cultural Heritage Imaging Professionals Conference

Hosted by the Stanford University Libraries
Digital Libraries Systems and Services - Digital Production Group
Monday, July 13th through Wednesday, July 15th, 2015


The Cultural Heritage Imaging Professionals Conference is a proposed meeting of digitization program managers, imaging lab professionals and imaging experts involved in large scale, high quality image digitization programs at Libraries, Archives and Museums.  It will be an intimate two and half day event using an unconference format, that will provide a forum for peers in the cultural heritage imaging community to share ideas, best practices, techniques and stories. 


  • Build community among peers in the cultural heritage imaging community.
  • Expose alternative approaches to solving complex problems faced by image digitization teams.  
  • Share ideas, discoveries and best practices with one another about image digitization hardware, software, workflows and processes.  
  • Stimulate collaboration on specific image digitization projects and/or development of technologies supporting digitization workflows.
  • Provide a rich professional development opportunity for members of our teams. 


The event will take place at Stanford University Libraries, in a space suitable for plenary sessions, breakouts, and informal conversation.  The idea is to use some aspects of unconference planning so that the participants can create the agenda dynamically.  Of course we have specific topics in mind, and will use the opportunity to have participants present on their unique areas of expertise. For example:

  • End-to-end workflow
  • Large format digitization and stitching
  • 3D imaging
  • Book-scanning technologies and techniques
  • High volume slide and film digitization
  • Practical applications of FADGI, Metamorphoze and targets
  • Image QC workflow and techniques
  • Automating digitization workflow
  • Strategies for publishing content
  • Organizational issues and techniques
  • Outreach
  • Funding and sustainability
  • Statistics and metrics

This year, we intend to wrap up by noon of the third day. In the afternoon we are exploring the idea of offering an optional four hour workshop on photogrammetry and other computational photography methods, to be offered by our friend Carla Schroer of Cultural Heritage Imaging. There is growing interest in our community in 3D capture and related technologies, and this is an opportunity to advance our understanding and skills in this area. You can note on the EventBrite registration if this would be interesting to you, and more details will follow.