Stanford Capture Lab Conference 2015

Hosted by Stanford University Libraries
Digital Library Systems and Services
Wednesday, July 22 through Friday, July 24, 2015


Libraries, archives and museums are currently using their own home brew of hardware, software and custom workflows for creating disk images. This includes a wide range of technologies such as hardware write blockers, interfaces that connect legacy storage devices to modern computers and proprietary and open source software for disk imaging. Capture Lab is a three day unconference for archivists, computer scientists, librarians, and technicians to share ideas and best practices for recovering data from legacy computer media. 


  • Leverage Capture Lab as an opportunity to document disk imaging hardware and software configurations used by attending institutions. This documentation will be made available to the library, archives and museum communities.
  • To provide hands on experience for attendees in the configuration of modern and legacy hardware for disk imaging legacy storage media. Attendees are encouraged but not required to bring their own hardware, software and collection materials.  Where this is not possible practical materials will be provided.
  • Calibration and measurement of disk imaging devices.
  • Share staffing, funding and costing models.
  • Build a community of experts in the science of low level disk imaging specifically focused on obsolete computer media formats.


The event will take place at Stanford University Libraries, in a space suitable for plenary sessions, breakouts, and informal conversation.  The idea is to use some aspects of unconference planning so that the participants can create the agenda dynamically.  Of course we have specific topics in mind, and will use the opportunity to have participants present on their unique areas of expertise.

Photos 2015

Group Photo

Group Photo, Capture Lab 2015

NIST staff capturing a SEGA Genesis cartridge

NIST capturing a SEGA Genesis cartridge