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FOR INDUSTRY – Confidentiality Agreement Information

FOR INDUSTRY – Confidentiality Agreement Information
If you are interested in sharing confidential information with, or receiving information from, a Stanford researcher, you may enter into a confidentiality agreement with the researcher. Stanford generally does not sign CDAs or NDAs on behalf of the University, as we have an open environment and do not have the mechanisms in place to ensure the confidentiality of information that our researcher may receive regarding a potential research project. ICO will review the CDA/NDA for the researcher as a courtesy and for compliance with University research policies and practices, but generally does not sign on behalf of Stanford. Please note that an individual researcher or faculty member does not have the authority to sign for the University.

Stanford provides the following ready-to-sign NDAs for its researchers and companies.


Does Stanford sign NDAs with companies?
Generally not. As an open educational and research institution, Stanford does not sign NDAs on behalf of its researchers because the university does not have the controls in place to ensure the confidentiality of company information.

Are Stanford employees required to sign NDAs as a condition of their employment at Stanford?
No. Stanford does not require employees to sign NDAs as part of their employment.

Who at Stanford reviews NDAs before the Stanford researcher signs it?
Researchers are expected to review and understand NDAs before signing them. Stanford’s Office of Sponsored Research (OSR), or ICO can review the NDA for compliance with University policies. The NDA is between the company and the Stanford researcher. 

Who should I contact if I have questions about my NDA?
Please call us at 650-723-0651, or email us at 

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