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An MTA, SRA, or other research agreement may need to be adjusted if there are significant changes to the research project, such as a new PI, an expanded statement of work, or a change in start or end dates.  Amendments are also used for additional research materials or changes in funding.

What do I do if a PI’s existing agreement needs to be amended?

Please email or fax ICO a written explanation for the changes.  For your convenience, you may use the NCX form for Sponsored Research Agreements or the Contract Amendment form for other types of agreements.

For an amendment that changes the statement of work or lengthens the term, ICO may need to check with the appropriate compliance office Human Subjects Panels (IRB), Laboratory Animals (A-PLAC), Biosafety (EH&S), Radiological Hazards (EH&S), and Stem Cell Research Oversight (SCRO) before we can sign.

For an SRA amendment that increases funding, ICO will need a revised budget and a revised PDRF.