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Climate change Means Challenges And Opportunities For Maine, Speakers say

Jun 13, 2015

Dan Reicher, executive director of the Steyer-Taylor Center, was the morning keynote speaker at a conference at Bowdoin College and is quoted in an article covering the event.

Presenters at an event in Brunswick say rising temperatures will affect the lobster fishery, winter recreation and the state's forests, but Maine is positioned to benefit from renewable energy.


Mainers could see temperatures climb above 90 degrees for more than half the summer. The number of days with snow cover could be cut in half. And the lobster fishery could be decimated by warm-water predators.


Dan Reicher, the morning keynote speaker, is executive director of the energy policy center at Stanford University and former director of climate change at Google. He applauded Maine’s efforts to develop sources of renewable energy and to embrace buying local as a way to reduce carbon emissions. “You are on the right track here in Maine, if you can just accelerate,” he said.

Tom Bell
Portland Press Herald