Stanford uses three primary emblems as part of its visual identity: the Stanford Signature, the University Seal, and the Block “S” with Tree. These are combined to create various signatures for use on stationery and other communications.

Stanford Wordmark
University Signature

Stanford Signature

The Stanford Signature is the uniquely drawn set of typographic characters that form “Stanford University” and is the primary logo for the university. Treat the signature as artwork, not as typography. It cannot be accurately reproduced with any typeface and should not be modified in any way.

University Seal

University Seal

The Seal is one of Stanford's strongest emblems. It lends authority and authenticity to any communication where it appears. The Seal may be used on any Stanford communication which reflects Stanford's mission or administration. The Seal has a formal and official quality to it, and therefore is not widely used on communications related to events and athletics, where the more informal Block "S" symbols are more appropriate.

Block S with Tree

Block “S” with Tree

The Block “S” with Tree is one of the most proprietary symbols of Stanford University. The tree is based on the rendition of the Palo Alto seen on the Stanford seal. The symbol was updated slightly in August 2014.

Plain Block S

Plain Block “S”

The plain Block "S" is a secondary emblem for Stanford and should not be used without prior permission from the Office of University Communications or Trademark Licensing. The more distinctive Block "S" with Tree (see above) is the recommended Stanford identity emblem and should be used whenever possible. To request use of the plain Block "S", please contact us via HelpSU.