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Rebekah Meredith
Graduate student, Documentary Film

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An MFA student in documentary film, Rebekah Meredith hopes to harness the collective powers of storytelling to inspire and influence a large audience.

Meredith’s films highlight the humanity behind contemporary issues ranging from food security to health care. Her first documentary, Fresh Peas, told the story of a struggling black farmer in Fresno, California, watching the disappearance of local farming tradition. She and Kevin Gordon ‘11 codirected the award-winning Dreams Awake, a meditation on the immigration experience through the life and poetry of a Stanford janitor. 

Her thesis film follows Bay Area families as they navigate the veterinary care system to find healing for their canine companions. Meredith says that as dogs are increasingly considered family members, the challenges of finding them good healthcare have begun to mirror those faced by their human owners.

In the future, Meredith aspires to teach film while continuing to make films that resonate deeply with viewers.

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