Illustrator Tips

Common Illustrator Issues
Common Illustrator Issues.pdf

Use this document for the following handy tips:

  1. Take an image (photograph or drawn by hand) and convert to vector in order to vinyl cut or lasercut/engrave
  2. Combine and simplify vector paths into a single outline for vinyl-cutting or laser cutting.
  3. Trim extra lines (either overlapping or duplicate lines.)
  4. Where to find the Stanford Logo
  5. Choosing the correct color mode.

Fabulous Foamcore

Fabulous Foamcore.pdf
Fabulous Foamcore.pdf

This is a handy guide for Foamcore prototyping. Learn how to:
1. A variety of joints: Butt Joint, Mitre Joint, Overlap Joint, Cleat and Gusset
2. Making a panel, a simple box and disc box

Acrylic Bending

Room 36 - Acrylic bending Rev 1.pdf

Learn how to use the strip heater to bend acrylic.