Vinyl Cutting

The vinyl cutter uses a computer-controlled knife to cut designs into thin vinyl films. The machine is driven by vector (line) data created in software programs such as Adobe Illustrator. After removing excess material in a manual process called weeding, adhesive graphics can be applied to smooth surfaces, and heat transfer graphics can be applied with a heat press to fabrics.

Machine Specifications

Roland CAMM-1 GX-24

- Accepts vinyl films from 2”-27.5” wide, can cut up to 22.9” wide
- Used for both adhesive and heat transfer vinyl materials. Adhesive and heat transfer materials available for purchase as needed in Room 36.

Stahls Hotronix 15” x 15” heat press

- Used to apply heat transfer vinyl to fabric.

Tutorial Documents

Pro Tips

Ask a TA about the special removable Paint Mask material for use as a paint or sandblasting mask.