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Hoagland Award

Established in 2007 by Laurance, ’58, and Gay, ’59, Hoagland, the Hoagland Award Fund for Innovations in Undergraduate Teaching supports faculty who work individually or as a team to create or redesign courses, or rethink part of a curriculum. The fund succeeds the Laurance and Naomi Carpenter Hoagland Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, which the couple established in 1986 to honor outstanding faculty teachers. H&S faculty recipients:

Laboratory in Human Physiology:
Craig Heller, Biology
Robert Simoni, Biology

iEarth Phase 2:
Russell Berman, Comparative Literature
Elizabeth Hadly, Biology
James Holland Jones, Anthropology

Development of a Web- and Mobile-device-based Game on Cell Signaling/Website Platform for Virtual Experiments on Epigenetics:
Carol Boggs, Biology, and collaborators

Visualizing Evidence:
Kären Wigen, History
Zephyr Frank, History
Martin Lewis, History
Kathy Harris, Former Director of The Spatial History Lab

Creating an Interactive Video Library of Introductory Physics Demonstrations:
Harry Manoharan, Physics, and many collaborators

Expanding Writing in the Chemistry Classroom:
Jennifer Schwartz, Chemistry
Charles Cox, Chemistry

Blair Hoxby, English
Jonathan Rodden, Political Science
Richard Zare, Chemistry

Patricia Burchat, Physics
Sarah Church, Physics
David Laitin, Political Science
Kathryn Moler, Applied Physics and Physics
Scott Sagan, Political Science, CISAC
Robert Simoni, Biology
Tim Stearns, Biology

Elizabeth Hadley, Biology
Joan Licata, Mathematics
Brian White, Mathematics
Gail Wight, Art & Art History

Philippe Buc, History
Hester Gelber, Religious Studies
Jennifer Summit, English

Hoagland Prize for Undergraduate Teaching

2005   David M. Kennedy, History
2003   Richard Zare, Chemistry
2001   Coit D. Blacker, International Studies
1998   Robert Sapolsky, Biology
1997   Susan McConnell, Biology
1996   Scott D. Sagan, Political Science
1995   Peter Sells, Linguistics
1994   Anne Fernald, Psychology
1993   Seth Lerer, English, Comparative Literature
1992   John B. Taylor, Economics
1991   Paul Wender, Chemistry
1990   Mark Lepper, Psychology
1989   Jody Maxmin, Classics
1988   John W. Rick, Anthropology
1987   Patricia P. Jones, Biology

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