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MacArthur Fellowships

This national fellowship, established in 1981, is given annually to those who “show exceptional merit and promise for continued and enhanced creative work.” The following H&S faculty members have received “genius grants:”

2014 Jennifer Eberhardt, Psychology
2005 Todd J. Martinez, Chemistry, Photon Science, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
2002 Dan Jurafsky, Linguistics
1999 Eva Silverstein, Physics, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
1998 Avner Greif, Economics
1996 Anna Deavere Smith, Drama
1996 Barbara Block, Biological Sciences, Hopkins Marine Station
1995 Richard White, History
1994 Adrienne Rich, English
1992 Sharon Long, Biological Sciences
1992 Stephen Schneider, Biological Sciences
1991 David Donoho, Statistics
1991 Arnold Rampersad, English
1990 Paul Ehrlich, Biological Sciences
1987 David Rumelhart, Psychology
1987 Robert Sapolsky, Biological Sciences
1987 Stephen Shenker, Physics
1984 Sidney Drell, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
1984 Shirley Brice Heath, English and Linguistics
 Amos Tversky, Psychology
1983 William Durham, Anthropology
1983 Bradley Efron, Statistics
1983 Alexander George, Political Science
1983 Richard Schoen, Mathematics
1982 Persi Diaconis, Statistics and Mathematics
1981 Douglas Osheroff, Physics
1981 Richard Rorty, Comparative Literature and Philosophy

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