Authority Manager

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Authority Manager is a web application that serves as a central location for Stanford managers to grant system privileges to employees to perform administrative tasks in University systems. Authority Manager maintains the master record of who is authorized to do what in which system. It notifies participating business systems of any changes to an employee's authority so the business systems can allow or prevent access accordingly.

In Authority Manager, a grantor can grant privileges to employees for specified organization/s. It also allows a grantor to limit privileges to specific populations, careers, approval limits, projects, awards, and so on. As long as the grantee meets the prerequisites and conditions of the authority, s/he will be able to access the affected systems within the specified conditions.

Authority Manager is designed:
- to work for common authority definitions across University systems
- to provide a high-level view of a person's authority across University systems
- to allow granting of privileges with prerequisites, conditions, and limits but not to replace native security tools in administrative applications particularly with granular security requirements

Acting approvers and Designated Drivers

As of August 16, 2007, acting approvers are no longer managed in Authority Manager. (They were formerly one type of "Designated Driver", along with authority-granting proxy.) This feature has been enabled in Oracle Financials, so you can manage acting approvers as part of your workflow. See Delegating Your Approval Worklist for more information.

The authority-granting proxy feature is on the Home page of Authority Manager, in the My Authority section.

Authority prerequisites

If you have been granted authority, you may have received an email indicating that there are training or qualification tasks you need to complete before the authority can be activated. The prerequisites you need to complete are listed in the email; or to look up your current prerequisites status:

  1. Login to Authority Manager and view your own authority.
  2. Look in the status column for: pending prereqs more info...
  3. Click the icon to see a list of prerequisites and their current status.