Special Event Security

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The Stanford Department of Public Safety Office of Special Events is available to assist event organizers in planning security for events taking place on the Stanford Campus. Personnel available to provide event security services include:

Special Event Patrol Officers Community Service Officers Deputized Patrol Officers Stanford Emergency Medical Service
Uniformed security personnel available on an on-call basis to provide supplemental security services for events and other situations requiring short-term security on the Stanford Campus. Uniformed non-sworn Public Safety personnel. Uniformed, law enforcement police personnel. Uniformed, emergency medical technicians.
  • Event security at fixed or roving posts for large or small events
  • Site security or equipment security during overnight or non-business hours
  • Pedestrian traffic control
  • Traffic control services
  • Parking arrangements (must first be authorized by the Parking and Transportation Services department)
  • Barricade delivery and setup
  • Uniformed law enforcement services at large events or events with security concerns
  • Plainclothes protection details
  • StEMS is a student group of certified EMT-Basics that provide standby medical services free of charge to the students, faculty, and community at Stanford campus events. StEMS works with the Department of Public Safety and Vaden Health Center to provide high quality emergency care on campus. To request medical services for your event, please visit the StEMS website: http://stems.stanford.edu

    General Information About Event Security Staffing Levels

    If you represent a group, club, department or other entity that is planning an event on campus and require security services or information about security services, you will need to complete a Security Services Request Form and return the completed form to the Department of Public Safety Office of Special Events. We will review the information provided and make our security staffing determinations based in part on the information provided on this form.

    Not all events on campus require security services by the Department of Public Safety. When necessary or requested, security staffing levels are set by the Department of Public Safety's Office of Special Events with input from the sponsoring group and information provided on the Security Services Request Form. We recognize that security services can be quite costly; however, the potential costs for security cannot be a consideration when determining staffing levels for an event. The security staffing determinations are made in order to provide appropriate police and security response for all reasonably foreseeable incidents that may occur as a result of a particular event. The security staffing level may in fact be greater than that which would be required by an event that has no difficulties and it may be less than that which would be required by an event where a major emergency or incident occurs. The security staffing level as determined by the Office of Special Events represents the best effort to assign an appropriate and reasonable security staffing level for all foreseeable incidents.

    Security staffing determinations are based on a number of criteria including but not limited to the following:

    • Expected event attendance
    • Guest policies: Stanford students only, invitation only, open to the public, ticketed event, etc.
    • Location/venue where event will take place
    • Duration of event
    • Event advertising practices: no advertising, limited advertising on campus, targeted advertising off campus, etc.
    • Alcohol policy
    • History of the event and/or events which may be similar in nature to the event
    • Other campus or community events that may be scheduled for the same time period as the event in question