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Stanford launches latest version of iPhone and iPad Apps course on iTunes U

Beginning this week, the incredibly popular Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad course is now available for iOS 7 on iTunes U and, as always, all you have to do is subscribe to take this free, self-study course.

In this new version, participants will learn about the most dramatic overhaul to Apple’s operating system in years and the tools and application programming interfaces (API’s) required to build new applications for the iPhone and iPad platform.

Stanford Computer Science Instructor Paul Hegarty's course is once again being made available online, dramatically increasing it's accessibility. “We ran the iOS 6 course at the beginning of the year and had over 200,000 people subscribe to it,” says Brent Izutsu, director of digital media for the Office of the Vice Provost for Online Learning at Stanford. “In aggregate over a million people have subscribed to a version of the course. It is one of the most popular courses on iTunes U.

With the number of changes in Apple’s operating system—most notably the improved user interface and simplified look and feel—and its superior application functionality, this iteration of Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad is likely to be the most popular course on iTunes U.

“iOS 7 is a great platform for building cool apps while learning a lot about computer science,” says Hegarty. In addition to learning the fundamentals of how to develop applications for iOS 7, online participants of the course will also gain experience with object-oriented design, multithreading, graphics, databases, networking, and animation. "The course provides a great synthesis of what students are learning in their other computer science courses and enables them to touch it up against the real world."

Not only is iOS 7 an easily leveraged platform to build great apps, but thanks to the App Store, they are easy to market and share.

But the most important outcome of all is participants’ ability to design their own app. Numerous apps created by Stanford students and online course participants are available at Apple’s iPhone App Store, which since its launch in July of 2008, now hosts more than one million applications.

To take this self-study course go to and subscribe to Developing iOS 7 Apps for iPhone and iPad.

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