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Overview: Stanford Statistics Book 2013-14

This collection of statistics is published once per year to provide easy access to standard and commonly used Stanford facts. It covers students, faculty, staff, and financial data.

The Stanford Statistics Book provides a ten-year historical summary of the financial resources and people that are the core of Stanford University’s research and teaching programs. The current tables begin with 2004-05 and run through 2013-14, where possible. Data that are not available as of the date of publication are noted as "N/A." In general, financial data are reported through 2012-13, while student and faculty data are shown through 2013-14.

The introduction details both the context within which the information should be understood as well as any caveats that may guide its use. For example, student enrollment data reflects the third week of the fall quarter and thus does not represent total enrollment averaged over the academic year. This view has been chosen both because it is consistent with historical Stanford reports since the 1960s, and because it meets federal and state reporting requirements. Similar standard definitions are discussed for the other types of data as well.

Statistics Book Tables

While many of the tables in the Statistics Book summarize publically available information, some present more sensitive content. For this reason, some tables (labelled "[public]") are freely downloadable here, while others are available only to those members of the Stanford community who receive a hard copy of the Statistics Book as well. Please contact Kathryn Flack Potts (723-8445,, or if you are interested in accessing these restricted reports, or if you receive the Statistics Book but have difficulty viewing the files here.

Students and degrees

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Faculty and staff

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Financial Aid and Tuition

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Sponsored Activity

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