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FOR RESEARCHERS – Company Equipment Loan FAQs

What is the difference between a gift of equipment and a loan of equipment?
If the equipment is a gift, then Stanford owns the equipment.  If the equipment is a loan, then the company owns title to the equipment, and permits use of the equipment at Stanford during the loan period. At the end of the loan, either the equipment is returned or the University has to make other arrangements with the equipment’s owner.  In addition, a company lending equipment may restrict how the equipment can be  used.
What do I do if a PI needs one of these agreements?
Have the PI complete and sign the Equipment Routing Form and email or fax the form to ICO.  Some organizations will send the PI their agreement – if so, please forward it to us.  After we have reviewed the Routing Form and the agreement, we will contact the PI and company resolve any questions.
Who is responsible for the maintenance and insurance on the loaned equipment?
That depends upon the loan agreement between the company and Stanford. It‘s important to agree in advance who will provide and pay for delivery, service, installation, de-installation and related costs.
Can other researchers use equipment loaned to my lab?
This depends on the terms of the loan agreement.
Are there any restrictions on how I can use the loaned equipment? For example, can I do research funded by another company on this equipment?
This also depends on the terms of the agreement.
The company wants rights to inventions I make using the loaned equipment.  Are there any problems with this?
Yes.  Stanford does not grant the lender rights to inventions created with the equipment.  There are many reasons, including that the University cannot track exactly who uses what equipment in their research.  Also, offering the lender such rights may conflict with rights granted to the entity funding the research. 
Do I need to inform  anyone outside my lab that I am receiving loaned equipment?
Yes.  You should tell your department chair about the equipment.  You should also talk to your materials manager so s/he knows that the equipment will be installed in your lab. Also, it’s important to tell the Property Management Office about the equipment loan and provide a copy of the loan agreement.
What if the loaned equipment  for my research will be installed in the Stanford Hospital & Clinics or Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital?
The University does not have the authority to make agreements on behalf of the hospitals and clinics. ICO will coordinate with the University’s Office of the General Counsel  and the hospital to make sure that all parties can accept and abide by the terms of the agreement.