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This year, Stanford celebrates 125 years of impact in people’s lives and around the world. Visit the Stanford 125 website for information about upcoming events.

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  1. Statement on Stanford's commitment to combatting sexual violence:

  2. University statement regarding the Brock Turner case:

  3. University statement regarding the Brock Turner case:

  4. “My colleagues have been the richest part of my experience here."

  5. "I'll miss the co-op houses on campus -- that’s really where I found my niche."

  6. The Rodin Collection. For more photos capturing life at Stanford in its 125th year, visit:

  7. Lives connect through two races, 62 years apart.

  8. A newly discovered story by Langston Hughes shows his mindset, says scholar.

  9. In a clinical trial, stroke patients showed substantial recovery aftter receiving stem cell injections.

  10. "I've learned at Stanford that you have to be okay with things surprising you and changing your life."

  11. Women make up just 18 percent of law firm equity partners. students are recommending solutions:

  12. What legal challenges can we expect around 2016 ? Professor Pam Karlan weighs in

  13. . discussed the future of human reproduction on today's .

  14. "I realized you can do anything at Stanford. You just need to ask."

  15. Carla Shatz, director of , celebrates winning the Prize:

  16. A new Stanford research project will determine ways to reform Mexico's law enforcement system.

  17. Can new information convince voters to cross party lines? Ask Katherine Casey.

  18. Brains are important at Stanford. This fall, all freshmen will receive a free bike helmet:

  19. Calvin Quate has been honored with the in Nanoscience for the invention of atomic force microscopy.

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