How to Get Maps and Records

For an overview of the specific services we offer, please review the items on the menu to the left, or see the Quick Links to the right. For downloadable maps, see our Available Maps Library. If you know the map or service you would like, please complete the Data Request Form (PDF) . See Custom Maps & Services for information on ordering customized map products.

Who Can Access Our Services

You must be authorized by a Stanford University contact to use our services. If you do not have a Stanford affiliation, please contact Maps and Records.

Maps and Records information is owned and copyrighted by the Stanford University Board of Trustees. Some information is secure and limited to specific departments.

The following policies relate to Maps and Records information or services.

If you have questions, please contact us through HelpSU.

Visiting Our Office

In many cases, clients may obtain the desired information while visiting Maps and Records. A variety of campus maps (Quad/Base map, zone map) are pre-plotted and available at the front counter. Reproductions of our archive documents can usually be made at the time of request. Our Client/Office Service Coordinator is available to assist with document research, copying options and requests for information. Our Coordinator also provides reprographics services and routes standard product requests to our in-house staff or management for scheduling.

All visitors to Maps and Records are required to speak with our Client and Office Service Representative and sign in prior to beginning archive research.

What to Bring With You

All visitors to Maps and Records enter through our main door and sign-in prior to beginning research. When signing in, please provide:

  • Project Name and Number
  • The Stanford Project Manager's name
  • The Stanford University department name that has requested your services
  • Area you are researching

In some cases, information may require approval before it can be released.

Has your Data Expired?

Our electronic data is constantly changing based upon new construction and regular feedback from Utilities division contacts, new surveys, and client feedback.

Maps and Records always recommends to project managers and their contractors that they acquire a new set of electronic “current condition” information for each project. We also recommend that older, historical linen maps be obtained.

Please contact our Client/Office Service Coordinator, stop by, or fax in our Data Request Form (PDF) and Area Map, or use to define the needed area.

We can provide information on CD or through our secure FTP site.

See also: Available Maps