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Blume Center Technical Reports


Report # Title Authors Date Published
189 Design of Composite RCS Special Moment Frames D. Kathuria, H. Yoshikawa, S. Nishimoto, G.G. Deierlein, S. Kawamoto Sept 2015
188 Structural Deterioration and Time-Dependent Seismic Risk Analysis A.S. Rao and
A.S. Kiremidjian
May 2015
187 A Stress-Weighted Damage Model for Ductile Fracture Initiation in Structural Steel Undercyclic Loading and Generalized Stress States C. Smith, G.G. Deierlein,
and A. Kanvinde
Oct 2014
Large-scale Tests of Seismically Enhanced Planar Walls 
for Residential Construction
Amy Hopkins,
Benjamin V. Fell, Eduardo Miranda, 
and Gregory G. Deierlein

A. Hopkins,
 B.V. Fell, 
G.G. Deierlein, 
and E. Miranda

Aug 2014
A Framework for Rate-Independent Crystal Plasticity in the Finite Deformation Range
H. Rahmani, R.I. Borja Jul 2014
Seismic collapse risk assessment of buildings: effects of intensity measure selection and computational approach  L. Eads, E. Miranda and D.G. Lignos  
183 Advancement of Hazard-Consistent Ground Motion Selection Methodology T. Lin, J. Baker Aug 2013
182 Damage Diagnosis Algorithms using Statistical Pattern Recognition for Civil Structures Subjected to Earthquakes H.Y. Noh, A.S. Kiremidjian Jun 2013
181 Characterization and Modeling of Biobased Composites and Structural Insulated Panels A.T. Michel, S.L. Billington Jun 2013
180 A Probabilistic Framework to Include the Effects of Near-Fault Directivity in Seismic Hazard Assessment S.K. Shahi, J. Baker May 2013
179 Mechanical and Environmental Characterization of Bio-Based Composites S.A. Miller, M.D. Lepech and S.L. Billington May 2013
178 Seismic Performance of Steel Corrugated Shear Wall L.G. Vigh, A.B. Liel, S. Tipping, E. Miranda, G.G. Deierlein Aug 2012
177 Sidesway Collapse of Deteriorating Structural Systems Under Seismic Excitations D. Lignos and H. Krawinkler Jul 2012
176 Stochastic Model for Earthquake Ground Motion using Wavelet Packets Y. Yamamoto and J. Baker Apr 2011
175 Probabilistic Seismic Lifeline Risk Assessment Using Efficient Sampling and Data Reduction Techniques N. Jayaram and J. Baker May 2010
174 Seismic Design and Behavior of Self-Centering Braced Frame with Controlled Rocking and Energy Dissipating Fuses X. Ma, H. Krawinkler, and G.G. Deierlein Mar 2011
173 Design and behavior of steel shear plates with openings as energy-dissipating fuses X. Ma, E. Borchers, A. Peña, H. Krawinkler, S. Billington and G. Deierlein Mar 2010
172 Large-scale testing and simulation of earthquake induced ultra low cycle fatigue in bracing members subjected to cyclic inelastic buckling B. V. Fell, A. M. Kanvinde and G.G. Deierlein Aug 2010
171 Building-Specific Loss Estimation Methods & Tools for Simplified Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering C. M. Ramirez and E. Miranda May 2009
170 Testing and Probablilistic Simulation of Ductile Fracture Initiation in Structural Steel Components and Weldments A.T. Myers, G.G. Deierlein and A. Kanvinde May 2009
169 Simplified Performance Based Earthquake Engineering F. Zareian and H. Krawinkler Apr 2009
168 Mechanical Characterization and Structural Assessment of Biocomposites for Construction S.J. Christian and S. Billington Mar 2009
167 Wireless Sensing and Decentralized Control for Civil Structures: Theory and Implementation Y. Wang and K.H. Law Sep 2007
166 Assessing the Collapse Risk of California's Existing Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures: Metrics for Seismic Safety Decisions A.B. Liel and G.G. Deierlein Jun 2008
165 Damage Diagnosis Algorithms for Wireless Structural Health Monitoring K.N. Kesavan and A.S. Kiremidjian Nov 2007
164 Development of Algorithms for Building Inventory Compilation through Remote Sensing and Statistical Inferencing P. Sarabandi and A.S. Kiremidjian Sep 2007
163 Collapse Performance Assessment of Steel-Framed Buildings under Fires J. Takagi and G.G. Deierlein Mar 2007
162 Probabilistic Seismic Assessment of Floor Acceleration Demands in Multi-Story Buildings S. Taghavi-Ardakan and E. Miranda Jun 2006
161 Probabilistic Seismic Demand Analysis using Advanced Ground Motion Intensity Measures, Attenuation Relationships, and Near-Fault Effects P. Tothong and C.A. Cornell Jan 2007
160 Rate-Dependence in High Performance Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Composites for Seismic Retrofits K.S. Douglas and S. Billington Mar 2007
159 Simulation and Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Assessment of Self-Centering Post-Tensioned Concrete Bridge Systems W. Lee and S. Billington Mar 2007
158 Evaluation of Precast, High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Infill Panels for Seismic Retrofit of Steel Frame Buildings: Phase 1 - Cyclic Testing of Single Panel Components C. Olsen and S. Billington Jan 2009
157 Probabilistic Earthquake Loss Estimation and Loss Disaggregation in Buildings H. Aslani and E. Miranda Jun 2005
156 Assessing Seismic Collapse Safety of Modern Reinforced Concrete Moment Frame Buildings C.B. Haselton and G.G. Deierlein Feb 2007
155 Validation of the Seismic Performance of Composite RCS Frames: Full-Scale Testing, Analytical Modeling, and Seismic Design P.P. Cordova and G.G. Deierlein Sep 2005
154 Treatment of Uncertainties in Seismic Risk Analysis of Transportation Systems E. Stergiou and A.S.. Kiremidjian Mar 2006
153 Performance-Based Assessment of Existing Structures Accounting for Residual Displacements J. Ruiz-Garcia and E. Miranda Aug 2005
152 Global Collapse of Frame Structures under Seismic Excitations L.F. Ibarra and H. Krawinkler Aug 2005
151 Seismic Perfomance, Capacity and Reliability of Structures as Seen Through Incremental Dynamic Analysis D. Vamvatsikos and C.A. Cornell Aug 2005
150 Vector-Valued Ground Motion Intensity Measures for Probabilistic Seismic Demand Analysis J.W. Baker and C.A. Cornell Sep 2005
149 Stochastic Characterization and Decision Bases under Time-Dependent Aftershock Risk in Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering G.L. Yeo and C.A. Cornell Apr 2005
148 Correlation of Observed Building Performance with Measured Ground Motion S.A. King, A.S. Kiremidjian, P. Sarabandi, and D. Pachakis Feb 2005
147 Finite Element Formulation of Poro-Elasticity Suitable for Large Deformation Dynamic Analysis C. Li and R Borja Feb 2005
146 Estimation of Downtime Related Revenue Losses in Maritime Ports due to Earthquakes D. Pachakis and A.S. Kiremidjian Jan 2005
145 Micromechanical Simulation of Earthquake-Induced Fracture in Steel Structures A.M. Kanvinde and G.G. Deierlein Jul 2004
144 Seismic Demands for NonDeteriorating Frame Structures and their Dependence on Ground Motions R.A. Medina and H. Krawinkler Oct 2003
143 Economic Consequences of Catastrophes Triggered by Natural Hazards T.L. Murlidharan and H.C. Shah Sep 2003
142 Uncertainty Specification and Propagation for Loss Estimation Using FOSM Methods J. Baker and C.A. Cornell Jun 2003
141 An Internet-Enabled Software Framework for the Collaborative Development of a Structural Analysis Program J. Peng and K.H. Law Oct 2002
140 Decentralization of Wireless Monitoring and Control Technologies for Smart Civil Structures J.P. Lynch and K.H. Law Aug 2002
139 Assembly-Based Vulnerability of Buildings and Its Uses in Seismic Performance Evaluation and Risk Management Decision-Making K.A. Porter and A.S. Kiremidjian Feb 2001
138 Effects of Near-Fault Ground Motions on Frame Structures B. Alavi and H. Krawinkler Feb 2001
137 Dynamic Theory of Mixtures and Its Finite Element Implementation for Nonlinear Analysis of Ground Motion Induced by Seismic Shaking C.-H. Lin and R.I. Borja Aug 2000
136 Integration of Analytical Investigations on the Fracture Behavior of Welded Moment Resisting Connections W.-M. Chi and G.G. Deierlein Aug 2000
135 Modeling of Assessment of Seismic Performance of Composite Frames with Reinforced Concrete Columns and Steel Beams S.S.F. Mehanny and G.G. Deierlein Aug 2000
134 Modeling of Earthquake Ground Motion in the Frequency Domain H. Trainsson, A.S. Kiremidjian and S. Winterstein Jun 2000
133 Performance Evaluation of Vibration Controlled Steel Structures under Seismic Loading L.R. Barroso and H. A. Smith Jun 1999
132 Seismic Demands for Performance Evaluation of Steel Moment Resisting Frame Structures A. Gupta and H. Krawinkler Jun 1999
131 A Bayesian Probabilistic Approach to Damage Detection for Civil Structures H. Sohn and K.H. Law Jan 1999
130 Effects of Vertical Irregularities on Seismic Behavior of Building Structures A.A.K. Al-Ali and H. Krawinkler Dec 1998
129 Nonlinear Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis and Application to Lotung Problem H.Y. Chao and R.I. Borja Nov 1998
128 A Modular, Wireless Damage Monitoring System for Structures E.G. Straser and A.S. Kiremidjian Sep 1998
127 Evaluation of Bridge Damage Data from the Loma Prieta and Northridge, CA Earthquakes N.I. Basöz and A.S. Kiremidjian Nov 1997
126 Methodologies for Evaluating the Socio-Economic Consequences of Large Earthquakes A.S. Kiremidjian, S.A. King, N.I. Basöz, K.H. law, M. Vucetic, M. Doroudian, V. Iskandar, R. Olson, J. Eidinger, K. Goettel and G. Horner Oct 1997
125 Nonlinear Controller using Variable Damping Elements for Civil Structures T. Hatada and H.A. Smith Sep 1997
124 A Stochastic Automata Network for Earthquake Simulation and Hazard Estimation M.E. Belubekian and A.S. Kiremidjian Aug 1997
123 Modeling and Active Control of Cable-Stayed Bridges Subject to Multiple-Support Seismic Excitation A.G. Schemmann and H.A. Smith Jun 1997
122 Performance Based Strategy Evaluation Methodology for Earthquake Risk Management A. Gupta and H.C. Shah Jun 1997
121 An Urban Earthquake Disaster Risk Index R. A. Davidson Jun 1997
120 Evaluation of Inelastic MDOF Effects for Seismic Design G.D.P.K. Seneviratna and H. Krawinkler Jun 1997
119 A Method for Earthquake Motion-Damage Relationships with Application to Reinforced Concrete Frames A. Singhal and A.S. Kiremidjian Oct 1996
118 Risk Assessment for Highway Transportation Systems N.I. Basöz and A.S. Kiremidjian Nov 1996
117 Effects of Architectural Walls on Building Response to Ambient and Seismic Excitations V.L. Vance and H.A. Smith Jun 1996
116 H Control for Vibration Control of Civil Structures in Seismic Zones J.G. Chase and H.A. Smith Sep 1995
115 Method for Developing Motion Damage Relationships for Reinforced Concrete Frames A. Singhal and A.S. Kiremidjian Jan 1995
114 Prioritization of Bridges for Seismic Retrofitting N.I. Basöz and A.S. Kiremidjian Jan 1995
113 Adaptive Dynamic Analysis Considering Structural Lifespan: An Approach Based on Fuzzy Mathematics S. Wadia-Fascetti and H.A. Smith Aug 1994
112 Optimal Structural Control Considering Soil-Structure Interaction Effects W.-H. Wu and H.A. Smith Jul 1994
111 Regional Seismic Hazard and Risk Analysis through Geographic Information Systems S.A. King and A.S. Kiremidjian Jun 1994
110 Wind Hazard Analysis in Hurricane-Prone Regions H.C.J. Lai and A.S. Kiremidjian Dec 1993
109 Vibration Analysis Skeletal Systems using a Mixed Formulation with an Arnoldi-Based Nonlinear Eigensolution in Technique R.K. Singh and H.A. Smith Dec 1993
108 Effects of Soft Soil and Hysteresis Model on Seismic Demands M. Rahnama and H. Krawinkler Jul 1993
107 Computer Assisted Conceptual Structural Design of Steel Buildings H. Fuyama, H. Krawinkler and K.H. Law Jul 1993
106 U.S./P.R.C. Workshop on Experimental Methods in Earthquake Engineering Edited by H. Krawinkler and B. Zhu Jul 1993
105 A Method for Structural Safety Evaluation under Mainshock-Aftershock Earthquake Sequences Y. Sunasaka and A.S. Kiremidjian Jul 1993
104 A Generalized Semi-Markov Process for Modeling Spatially and Temporally Dependent Earthquakes K.A. Lutz and A.S. Kiremidjian Jul 1993
103 Nonlinear Seismic Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings: Supplementary Proceedings of a Workshop Held in Bled, Slovenia, July 13-16, 1992 Edited by H. Krawinkler and P. Fajfar. Published in conjunction with the Institute for Structural and Earthquake Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Ljubljana Dec 1992
102 An Integrated Inventory Methodolgy for Seismic Damage Assessment R. Vasudevan, A.S. Kiremidjian, and H.C. Howard Dec 1992
101 A Methodology for Nonlinear Soil-Structure Interaction Effects Using Time-Domain Analysis Techniques R. I. Borja and H. A. Smith Jun 1992
100 A Seismic Monitoring and Alarm-System in Real Time (SMART) for Intelligent Structures Y. Takeuchi, H.A. Smith, and H. C. Shah Jun 1992
99 Optimum Resource Allocation for Seismic Retrofit of Structures: A Strategy for Seismic Risk Management P. Stojanovski, M. F. Bendimerad, and H. C. Shah Jun 1992
98 Identification of High Risk Areas Through Integrated Building Inventories Dimitris N. Rentzis, Anne S. Kiremidjian, and H. Craig Howard Mar 1992
97 Simple Site-Dependent Ground Motion Parameters for the San Francisco Bay Region A.S. Kiremidjian, S. King, M. Sugito, and H.C. Shah Nov 1991
96 Extension of Study on Fundamental Period of Reinforced Concrete Moment-Resisting Frame Structures F.M. Bendimerad, H.C. Shah, and T. Hoskins Jun 1991
95 Seismic Demands for SDOF and MDOF Systems A.A. Nassar and H. Krawinkler Jun 1991
94 Method for Rock Fissure Hazard Analysis M. Noda and A.S. Kiremidjian Mar 1991
93 Seismic Zoning and Ground Motion Parameters for El Salvador C.S. Alfaro, A.S. Kiremidjian and R.A. White Dec 1990
92 Random Field Models of Spatially Varying Ground Motions K. Tamura, S.R. Winterstein and H.C. Shah Oct 1990
91 Seismic Studies on Small-Scale Models of Adobe Houses E.L. Tolles III and H. Krawinkler Oct 1990
90 Strength and Ductility Considerations in Seismic Design J.D. Osteraas and H. Krawinkler Aug 1990
89 Seismic Reliability Analysis Methods for Elevated Spherical Tanks A.T.Y. Tung and A.S. Kiremidjian Jun 1989
88 A Stochastic Ground Motion Forecast Model with Geophysical Considerations S. Suzuki and A.S. Kiremidjian Sep 1988
87 Fundamental Period of Reinforced Concrete Moment-Resisting Frame Structures V.V. Bertero, F.M. Bendimerad and H.C. Shah Oct 1988
86 A Semi-Markovian Model for Low-Cycle Elastic-Plastic Fatigue Crack Growth F.H. Al-Sugair Jul 1988
85 Seismic Hazard Evaluation for Sites in California: Development of an Expert System M. Lamarre Jun 1988
84 A Nonstationary Probablilistic Model for Pore Pressure Development and Site Response Due to Seismic Excitation J.-N. Wang and E. Kavazanjian, Jr. Aug 1987
83 Structural System Reliability Analysis Method A. Karamchandani Jul 1987
82 A Study of Factors Influencing Floor Response Spectra in Nonlinear Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Structures R.T. Sewell, C.A. Cornell, G.R. Toro (REI) and R.K. McGuire (REI) Nov 1986
81 Risk Analysis and Seismic Safety of Existing Buildings H.M. Thurston, W. Dong, A.C. Boissonnade, F. Neghabat, J.M. Gere and H.C. Shah Dec 1986
80 Site Hazard Analysis Methods with Empirical and Geophysical Ground Motion Models S. Suzuki and A.S. Kiremidjian Aug 1986
79 Reliability of Tall columns Subjected to Nonstationary Vertical and Horizontal Ground Motions R.J. Nielsen Jul 1986
78 SHASYS - A Software Package for Component and System Reliability Analysis A. Karamchandani, Y.F. Guenard and K. Ortiz May 1986
77 The Mexico Earthquake of September 1985, A Preliminary Report S. Suzuki and A.S. Kiremidjian Jan 1986
76 A Stochastic Earthquake Recurrence Model with Temporal and Spatial Dependence T. Anagnos and A.S. Kiremidjian Nov 1985
75 Small-Scale Model Experimentation on Steel Assemblies, U.S.-Japan Research Program B.J. Wallace and H. Krawinkler Jun 1985
74 Small-Scale Model Experimentation on R/C Assemblies, U.S.-Japan Research Program B.J. Wallace and H. Krawinkler Jun 1985
73 Pore Water Pressure Development in Non-Uniform Cyclic Triaxial Tests J-N. Wang and E. Kavazanjian, Jr. Apr 1985
72 Seismic Risk to Major Industrial Facilities A.S. Kiremidjian, K. Ortiz, R. Nielson, B. Safavi Jan 1985
71 Application of System Reliability Analysis to Offshore Structures Y.F. Guenard Nov 1984
70 Preliminary Safety Evaluation of Existing Dams, Volume II - User Manual M.W. McCann, Jr., J.B. Franzini, E. Kavazanjian, Jr. and H.C. Shah Nov 1985
69 Preliminary Safety Evaluation of Existing Dams, Volume I M.W. McCann, Jr., J.B. Franzini, E. Kavazanjian, Jr. and H.C. Shah Nov 1985
68 Earthquake Insurance Risk A.C. Boissonnade and H.C. Shah Jan 1985
67 Use of Pattern Recognition and Fuzzy Sets in Seismic Risk Analysis A.C. Boissonnade and H.C. Shah Jan 1985
66 Simplified Seismic Reliability Analysis on Earth Dams R.T. Sewell Jul 1984
65 Probabilistic Analysis of Combined Dynamic Responses G.R. Toro Nov 1984
64 Diffusion Model and the Energy Fluctuation Scale: A Unified Approach to Extremes and Fatigue S.R. Winterstein Nov 1984
63 A Computer Program for Nonstationary Analysis and Simulation of Stong Motion Earthquake Records B. Tilliouine, J. Azevedo and H.C. Shah Mar 1984
62 Computer Program for Seismic Hazard Analysis - A User Manual - (Stanford Seismic Hazard Analysis - STASHA) W.-L. Chiang, G.A. Guidi, C.P. Mortgat, C.C. Schoof and H.C. Shah Jan 1984
61 Recommendations for Experimental Studies on the Seismic Behavior of Steel Components and Materials H. Krawinkler, M. Zohrei, B. Lashkari-Irvani, N. Cofie and H. Hadidi-Tamjed Sep 1983
60 Probabilistic Evaluation of Liquifaction Potential for Downtown San Francisco E. Kavazanjian, Jr., R.A. Roth and H. Schezuria Apr 1983
59 The Influence of Cementation of the Static and Dynamic Behavior of Sands N. Shafii Rad and G.W. Clough Dec 1982
58 Stanford Database for Earthquakes in the United States R. Nielsen Oct 1982
55 Frequency Domain Corrections of Earthquake Accelerograms with Experimental Verifications O. Khemici and H.C. Shah Jun 1982
54 A Time Domain Analysis of Seismic Ground Motions Based on Geophysical Parameters M.A. DeHerrera and T.C. Zsutty Mar 1982
53 Characteristics of the Strong Ground Motion Recorded During the October 15, 1979 Imperial Valley Earthquake C. Rodriguez-Minondo Apr 1984
52 Behavior of Weakly Cemented Soil Slopes Under Static and Seismic Loading Conditions, Volume II R.C. Bachus, G.W. Clough, N. Sitar, N. Shafii-Rad, J. Crosby and P. Kaboli Jul 1981
51 Probabilistic and Hazard Analysis for Pore Pressure Increase in Soils Due to Seismic Loading J.-L. Chameau May 1981
50 Theory and Application of Experimental Model Analysis in Earthquake Engineering P.D. Moncarz and H. Krawinkler Jun 1981
49 A Preliminary Investigation of the Dynamic Response of the Imperial County Services Buildings During the October 15, 1979 Imperial Valley Earthquake J. M. Pauschke, C. S. Olievira, H. C. Shah, T. C. Zsutty Jan 1981
48 Static and Dynamic Analysis of Plane and Space Frames M. Eisenberg and W. Weaver Dec 1980
47 A Bayesian Geophysical Model for Seismic Hazard M.W. McCann, Jr. May 1981
46 RMS Acceleration and Duration of Strong Ground Motion M.W. McCann Jr. Jun 1980
45 Determination of the Dynamic Material Properties of Soils from the Result of Static Shear Tests E. Kavazanjian, Jr. and T. Hadj-Hamou Jun 1980
44 Behavior of Weakly Cemented Soil Slopes Under Static and Seismic Loading Conditions N. Sitar, G.W. Clough and R.C. Bachus Jun 1980
43 Seismic Preformance Analysis of Spatially Distributed Systems H. Monzon-Despang Jun 1980
42 A Comparison of Earthquake Building Code Regulations J.T. Egbert III May 1980
41 Experimental Study on the Seismic Behavior of Industrial Storage Racks H. Krawinkler, N.G. Cofie, M.A. Astiz and C.A. Kircher Nov 1979
40 Performance of a 230 KV ATB 7 Power Circuit Breaker Mounted on GAPEC Seismic Isolators C.A. Kircher, G.C. Delfosse, C.C. Schoof, O. Khemici and H.C. Shah Sep 1979
39 Model Tests on Earthquake Simulators - Development and Implementation of Experimental Procedures R.S. Mills, H. Krawinkler, and J.M. Gere Jun 1979
38 Seismic Hazard Analysis of Honduras A.S. Kiremidjian, P. Sutch and H.C. Shah Dec 1979
37 Risk and Public Policy M.-E. Pate Jul 1979
36 Computer Programs for Seismic Hazard Analysis - A User Manual (Stanford Seismic Hazard Analysis -- STASHA) G.A. Guidi Apr 1979
35 A Study of the Behavior of the San Francisco Waterfront Fills Under Seismic Loading G.W. Clough and J.-L. Chameau Feb 1979
34 Determination of Seismic Design Parameters: A Stochastic Approach J.B. Savy Dec 1978
33 Seismic Risk Analysis for California State Water Project A.S. Kiremidjian and H.C. Shah Oct 1978
32 Seismic Analysis of Oil Refinery Structures, Part II - Evaluation of Seismic Design Criteria R.E. Scholl, R.M. Czarnecki, C.A. Kircher, H.C. Shah and J.M. Gere Sep 1978
31 Seismic Analysis of Oil Refinery Structures, Part 1 - Experimental and Analytical Studies of Tall Columns C.A. Kircher, R.M. Czarnecki, R.E. Scholl, H.C. Shah and J.M. Gere Sep 1978
30 Public Policy in Earthquake Effects Mitigation: Earthquake Engineering and Earthquake Prediction M.-E. Pate May 1978
29 Probabilistic Site-Dependent Response Spectra A.S. Kiremidjian and H.C. Shah Apr 1978
28 A Bayesian Approach to Seismic Hazard Mapping; Development of Stable Design Parameters C.P. Mortgat and H.C. Shah Mar 1978
27 Ambient and Forced Vibration Analysis of Full Scale Structures C.A. Kircher Nov 1977
26 Seismic Hazard Mapping for Guatemala A.S. Kiremidjian, H.C. Shah, and L. Lubetkin May 1977
25 A Study of Seismic Risk for Costa Rica C.P. Mortgat, T.C. Zsutty, H.C. Shah and L. Lubetkin Apr 1977
24 Seismic Risk Analysis For Calfornia State Water Project - Reach B H.C. Shah, M. Movassate, and L. Lubetkin Dec 1976
23 Solution Techniques for Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics of Structures Modeled Finite Elements H. Adeli Jun 1976
22 Seismic Risk Analysis For Calfornia State Water Project - Reach C H.C. Shah, M. Movassate, and T.C. Zsutty Mar 1976
21 Seismic Hazard Mapping of California A.S. Kiremidjian and H.C. Shah Nov 1975
20 Determination of the Dynamic Characteristics of Full Scale Structures by the Application of Fourier Analysis C.A. Kircher Nov 1975
19 Decision of Optimal Structural Safety R.B. Kulkarni May 1975
18 Analysis of Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction During Earthquakes K. Ukaji Mar 1975
17 Earthquake Damage Prediction: A Technological Assessment J.A. Blume, E.C.W. Wang, R.E. Scholl and H.C. Shah Oct 1975
16 On Stochastic Load Combination W. Bosshard Jul 1975
15 Probabilistic Seismic Exposure and Structural Risk Evaluation J.S. Dalal Jan 1975
14 Ambient Vibration Study of Six Similar High-Rise Apartment Buildings C.A. Kircher and H.C. Shah Jan 1975
13 Dynamic Analysis of Suspended-Floor Highrise Building Using Super-Elements B.J. Goodno Jan 1975
12 A Study of Seismic Risk for Nicaragua, Part 2 H.C. Shah, T.C. Zsutty, H. Krawinkler, C.P. Mortgat, A. Kiremidjian, and J.O. Dizon Mar 1976
11 A Study of Seismic Risk for Nicaragua, Part 1 H.C. Shah, C.P. Mortgat, A. Kiremidjian, and T.C. Zsutty Jan 1975