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The objective of Stanford's research program in earthquake engineering though the John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center is to advance the state of knowledge through fundamental and applied research, and to educate individuals to become leaders in the practice, education and research of earthquake engineering.

Testing Concrete Beams in the Blume Center Lab                                  WiMMS Sensors

Earthquake engineering can be viewed as a multi-phased process that ranges from the description of earthquake sources to policies of seismic protection. In particular, pioneering work has been done by Stanford researchers in developing probabilistic methods to represent earthquake occurrences, ground motions, and seismic response of structures. This work has led to methodologies of seismic risk analysis that are used worldwide as models by both researchers and practitioners. More recently, much emphasis at Stanford has been placed on innovative research in the implementation of geophysical aspects in probabilistic earthquake occurrence models, earthquake damage modeling, structural reliability analysis, active control, the assessment of damage potential of ground motions, structural damage monitoring devices, and algorithms, and the development of seismic performance-based design methodologies.

Please see the Structural Engineering and Geomechanics website for details about our other research areas.

Students pouring concrete for testing                 



Stanford University's structural engineering program offers a course of study leading to a Master's degree with an emphasis on earthquake engineering. Two courses are specifically dedicated to earthquake engineering issues, and essential components of earthquake engineering are contained in many other courses in dynamics, structural design and analysis, reliability, and probabilistic methods in civil engineering. The objective of this course of study is to prepare students for professional work or advanced research in earthquake engineering. For more information about our Degree ProgramS please see theStructural Engineering and Geomechanics website.

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